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About Omicron

Sign Up For Dr. Sharol’s Newsletter! What  We Know About Omicron ∞ There is more that we don’t know about Omicron (variant B.1.1.529) than is known and this is why people’s imaginations are going wild. There are both reasons to feel optimistic as well as worried.  I am supplying you with actual data and then…

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Parasitic Worms To Treat Autoimmune Disease

Sign Up For Dr. Sharol’s Newsletter! Using Parasitic Worms To Treat Autoimmune Disease ∞ Using parasitic worms to treat autoimmune disease is one of the more fascinating and controversial treatments I have shared with you. Many  people have self-treated with various types of parasitic worms as a therapy for a variety of autoimmune diseases, allergies…

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Antiviral Herbs

Sign Up For Dr. Sharol’s Newsletter! Antiviral Herbs ∞ Herbal antivirals destroy or suppress growth of viruses on contact. However, these herbal antivirals are not necessarily able to destroy or suppress growth of a flu virus or other systemic virus in your body. The type of herbs used for the flu and other viral illness…

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Herbal Formulas Book Free

Sign Up For Dr. Sharol’s Newsletter! Herbal Formulas Book Offered For Free To Promote Herbal Medicine (Two ways to download 472 page book) ∞ I see so many people who could be healthier if they knew better how to care for themselves. Learning to use herbs is a step in that direction. Therefore, in this time…

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Vaccinated Spread COVID-19 Too

Sign Up For Dr. Sharol’s Newsletter! Vaccinated Individuals Spread the COVID-19 Delta Variant Too ∞ I have recently heard leaders of our country and people in the media state that vaccinated people can’t get COVID-19 or spread COVID-19. Science has shown differently. The fact is that the vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 do not stop transmission of…

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Foods That Cause Anaphylaxis

A small handful of foods are thought to be the main food allergens causing anaphylaxis, although they vary from country to country.

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Mold All Around Us

Mold is all around us, and may be in our home or business. This is an introduction to the health effects caused by a moldy building. Learn why you should care about this societal problem.

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Reducing COVID-19 Effects

Sign Up For Dr. Sharol’s Newsletter! Reducing COVID-19 Effects ∞The purpose of this article is to learn how we can set the stage for a  better outcome when we are faced with any pathogen, but  reducing the severe COVID-19 effects associated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus is the focus. This is not a document about acute…

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Mold Causes Loss Of Smell

Sign Up For Dr. Sharol’s Newsletter! Loss of Smell Due to Mold In Water-Damaged Buildings ∞ It is common for an individual dealing with symptoms from chronic mold exposure to say they can’t smell the mold.  Usually the human nose can detect extremely low concentrations of  volatile organic compounds from molds and bacteria in water-damaged…

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Phthalate Exposure

Sign Up For Dr. Sharol’s Newsletter! New Study On Phthalate Exposure Shows Association With All-Cause Mortality ∞ Phthalate exposure is an ever increasing concern. Researchers of a  new population-based longitudinal cohort study are demanding urgent regulatory action to protect consumers from these synthetic chemicals found in so many products and found in studies to lead…

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