About Dr. Sharol Tilgner

Photo of Dr. Sharol with a big smile in oval photo frame

Who Is Dr. Sharol

Sharol Tilgner is a fourth generation Oregonian, an organic/biodynamic farmer, physician, herbalist, & modern day renaissance woman. She teaches others to grow, and preserve their food and medicine and stay healthy via natural methods. She reaps tremendous joy from teaching people to be in charge of their health care. Writing is one of the best ways she can reach people, to share her knowledge as a physician/herbalist/farmer. Dr. Sharol uses blogging, books, free website information and classes as a way to share tools, as she endeavors to co-create a beautiful world. Two of her books are available on this website, and she is working on releasing new e-books as well as more paperbacks.

A Science Geek

I am a science geek, and find myself reading medical research journals until 2:00 AM trying to understand better the nitty-gritty of a specific molecule found in a plant, and how it affects receptors on cells, or how a particular gut bacteria affects our body. I try to make science as plane Jane as I can in my mind, as well as my explanation of the scientific health aspects to all of you. I want you to understand the science behind how various factors influence your health. Sometimes science provides a missing piece of data that makes our lives better, and that is why I continue reading those research journals. Research studies are fascinating, but I also take them with a grain of salt. Today's science is outdated tomorrow, and I keep that in mind.

Ensconced In The Reality Of Intuition And Self Knowledge

Direct knowledge or what does and does not work to enhance health always over-rides science when they conflict. If I know a nutritional, herbal, or lifestyle application works, but it conflicts with science, then science has not caught up with reality yet.

Intuition and self-knowledge is my supreme guidance as far as health. My body tells me what is and is not okay for it and I listen. I teach others to do the same.

Dedicated To Responsibility

I am big on self-responsibility, and self-improvement in health as well as in general life.

Try To Keep It Light

I try not to take life too seriously, and when I do, I remind myself to stop and have a nature break.

Greatest Joys

My greatest joy is gardening.  Nothing smells as good as homemade, organic compost.

My favorite meal is grazing pollen from plants and nibbling fruit and vegetables as I walk around the garden.

Spirit Is The Guiding Force

There is nothing without spirit, and I strive to be aware of this at all times. I honor spirit in everyone and everything.

Being Of Service

We are here to be of service to each other, and experience life to its fullest. That is foremost in my mind.