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Dr. Sharol's Availability For Consultations


Dr. Sharol is currently not taking new clients and is unable to consult  with you regarding  issues surrounding "mold related illness", also called "chronic inflammatory response syndrome, due to water-damaged buildings" or other similar issues.  For those of you who are thinking of emailing us anyway, the issue is that she is caring for elderly family  members and her schedule is very filled and sometimes erratic, therefore she  can't book any new clients until her situation becomes more conducive to giving people her full attention. We have a waiting list and will add you to it if you email us,  but suggest you  look for someone else.


Sharol Tilgner has been licensed as a naturopathic physician in the state of Oregon since 1990. She is also the past owner and founder of Wise Woman Herbals, Wise Acres Farm, Pacific NW Herbal Symposium, and NW Herb Fest. She currently focuses on providing free information on this website, as well as writing books to assist people in their own self-care.

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