Mission Of This Website

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The Mission Of This Website

Listen To Dr. Sharol tell you what to expect from this website.

The Mission of This Website is to Inspire & Empower You

This website has been built to provide you with the tools that will allow you to live a vital and energetic life.

My mission is to inspire and empower you.

A Path Of Learning

Each of us are on a path of learning how to operate in this world; how to care for the bodies we find ourselves in; how to become better versions of ourselves.


Healing for me is about being the best version of myself I can be. That means being consciously aware of the moment and allowing Creator to shine through. The more I am present and recognize Creator in others and in my environment, the happier my life is and the healthier I feel.

I am here with this website to share my path of health and healing with you.

We all have challenges in our lives. They transform us, they can change our very core of who we are. Illness, and pain on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level can be a great tool of transformation, but it is not the only way to transform and there may be less difficult methods available.

I am sure you have noted the generalized poor health and compromised vitality in our society. Chronic disease has increased among people, and way too many individuals feel fatigued, and unhappy with their lives. Together we can educate ourselves as to why this is, how we got here and how we can become a healthier version of ourselves. It only takes a willing heart, open mind, a sense of responsibility and perseverance.

Envisioning Health

Health is harder to come by in the times we live in. However, even when we are sick, we all know or can imagine what health is and every reality starts with a vision or a dream of what we want to experience. For those of us dreaming of a healthier life, we can take our visions and dreams of a healthier us and follow the necessary steps to create that reality.

How This Website Will Support, Inspire and Empower You

This website will inspire and empower you by providing compelling content that synthesizes the wisdom of our elders and ancestors with the scientific insights of our time, in a manner that is informative, understandable and applicable to your life. In this website, I am sharing those steps leading towards health for both humans as well as the earth and other beings living on the planet. By using nature based remedies that creator has provided for us, we can learn to care for ourselves, family, patients, animals and the planet at large through herbs, healthy food and nutrition, exercise, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, sun, rest, play, prayer, love, laughter and meditation.

You Are The Healer exists due to the generosity of my readers.

The Crowdfunding I receive through regular patrons allows me to continue this website. “I welcome donations through my company Wise Acres LLC, of any amount in lieu of using ads from outside sources, and thank you!” Please use the Pay Pal donate button. Purchasing my paperback books from this website or e-books from Amazon is another way to support this website. Please note we are not non-profit and donations are not tax deductible.

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