Alliance For Health Protects our nutritional and herbal supplements

Alliance For Natural Health Is Here To Protect Your Right to Choose Health Care

There is an organization called Alliance For Natural Health that has been here to protect your health care rights for many years. If you don't know about them it is time you take a close look at what they have to offer. The right to chose how we support our health is not a given right. We have to continuously fight for this right as corporations and government organizations such as the FDA and Big Pharma are constantly gnawing away at these rights. Alliance For Natural Health has a variety of podcasts on ways to support healing and personal health care, but their main purpose is to protect our freedom to choose our health care methods. Therefore, you will find a variety of videos and articles that keep you updated on political events that are important to health care freedom we currently have as well as those healthy medical choices that we should have, but have lost in the past and need to regain. This means they usually have multiple campaigns going on and they are constantly updating people as to political bills, or policies that may infringe on our healthcare rights if we do not stand up for them. They need us to learn about the situations at hand and act by signing their petitions and contacting our congresspersons and senators personally. (this really does not take much time once you have set up contact methods through email and phone or letters - yes I still write letters) There is a current attack on our rights to purchase supplements and you can learn more about this by clicking on the supplement link below.


Suggested Video On Their Website

Killing American Healthcare

This is a look at what is really going on behind the treatments offered for healthcare in the USA and why more healthy opportunities are not only not covered by insurance, but medical doctors risk loss of license if they prescribe these alternative methods. Learn why only FDA drugs are allowed to make claims as to usefulness for disease. Learn why the hospitals have a monopoly on medical practices and why private physician practices are disappearing.

This is a very short video and worthy of your time. They have additional videos if you like this one.


Alliance For Health Helped Stop The Attack On Supplements

The attack on nutritional and herbal supplements has been going on for all of my life. I was personally involved in the last two major attempts to make supplements prescription only. Can you imagine not being able to purchase herbs, vitamin C or any supplement over the counter unless you had a prescription? Consider the lack of good quality of supplements that would become commonplace when this happens.  This has gotten close to passing twice in my lifetime and the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies are always trying to pass laws to limit our rights in any way they can. Alliance For Health keeps an eye on this and notifies us each time they try to decrease our rights to use natural supplements


Help Alliance For Health

Alliance For Natural Health is here to help you. Take a look at what they offer and support their efforts financially or by acting on the information they provide by signing their petitions and calling your governmental representatives.

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