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About Omicron Virus

About Omicron

Sign Up For Dr. Sharol’s Newsletter! What  We Know About Omicron ∞ There is more that we don’t know about Omicron (variant B.1.1.529) than is known and this is why people’s imaginations are going wild. There are both reasons to feel optimistic as well as worried.  I am supplying you…

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Parasitic Worms Used To Treat Autoimmune Disease

Parasitic Worms To Treat Autoimmune Disease

Sign Up For Dr. Sharol’s Newsletter! Using Parasitic Worms To Treat Autoimmune Disease ∞ Using parasitic worms to treat autoimmune disease is one of the more fascinating and controversial treatments I have shared with you. Many  people have self-treated with various types of parasitic worms as a therapy for a…

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Lavender Herb Antiviral Qualities

Antiviral Herbs

Sign Up For Dr. Sharol’s Newsletter! Antiviral Herbs ∞ Herbal antivirals destroy or suppress growth of viruses on contact. However, these herbal antivirals are not necessarily able to destroy or suppress growth of a flu virus or other systemic virus in your body. The type of herbs used for the…

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A compilation of beautiful flower photos.

Herbs A-Z

Herbs From A-Z Welcome to Herbal Monographs. Here, you will find the most commonly used Western herbs as well as some less commonly known, but vitally important medicinal herbs. The…

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