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COVID-19 natural immunity compared to vaccination

COVID-19 Vaccinated Compared to Natural Immunity

Natural Immunity Is Better Protection From COVID-19 Than Being Vaccinated Recently, a large study was undertaken by Israel’s Maccabi Healthcare Services that compared the number of breaththrough COVID-19 cases in the vaccinated in…

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NorthWest Herbal Fair

Northwest Herbal Fair 2021

The Northwest Herbal Fair has been offering a mix of herbal classes and music for over 25 years. They are a grassroots organization centered around the sharing of herbal knowledge,…

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Spraying pyrethroids

Pyrethroid Insecticides Are Everywhere

Pyrethroid insecticides are everywhere. Pyrethroids decrease life expectancy so why are we spraying them overhead and on our food?

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Alliance For Health Protects our nutritional and herbal supplements

Alliance For Natural Health

Alliance For Natural Health Is Here To Protect Your Right to Choose Health Care There is an organization called Alliance For Natural Health that has been here to protect your…

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woman breathing deeply

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing As A Tool For Health Deep breathing is a powerful healing tool that you can easily learn and make use of, but often it is not given the…

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Western Botanical Medicine Book

The Essential Guide To Western Botanical Medicine

The Essential Guide To Western Botanical Medicine is a must have for every serious herbalist. Read the full review by Dr. Sharol Tilgner here.

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Teachings of the Medicine Wheel Class Details

Teachings Of The Medicine Wheel

A Saturday class on May 1st called Teachings of the Medicine Wheel, taught by Deborah Frances R.N., N.D. Naturopath,Herbalist

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birds-at-bird feeder

Bird Feeders Killing Birds

Bird feeders and birdbaths are killing birds by spreading Salmonella. We can stop this cycle and decrease the deaths.

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co-creating with supreme being

Co-Create Health With The Supreme Being

Co-creating-health-with-the-Divine brings fourth spontaneous healing. This is where all true healing resides. Learn to co-create health with the Supreme Being.

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Thyroid gland drawing

Epstein Barr Virus And Thyroid Disease

EBV May Be A Factor In Hashimoto’s, Graves’ Disease And Thyroid Cancer Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) has long been associated with thyroid disease. It has been implicated in everything from…

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190 Herbs To Know And Use Book Cover

Herbal Medicine 190 Herbs To Know And Use

Dr. Sharol Tilgner releases new e-book called Herbal Medicine, 190 Herbs To Know And Use. Learn more about this exceptional reference book and where to get it.

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Prevention Of COVID-19

Severe COVID-19 Requires Preventative Medicine

Conventional medicine now realizes severe COVID-19 associated conditions require preventative medicine as the remedy.

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Photo of mold growing under a bathroom sink.

Molds That Affect Our Health

Molds That Affect Our Health Molds Notorious For Being Bad Dudes – will have links here soon Aspergillus penicilloides Aspergillus versicolor Chaetomium globosum Claviceps Fusarium Fusarium spp. Penicillium Stachybotrys chartarum…

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Geranium maculatum flowers

Geranium Maculatum

Geranium Maculatum This Geranium (Geranium maculatum) monograph is an excerpt from the first edition of Dr. Sharol’s book “Herbal Medicine From The Heart of The Earth.” You can purchase the 2020,…

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Best Herb Books For Beginners

Best Herb Books For Beginners If you are new to herbal medicine, consider yourself a beginner, or have a casual interest in herbal medicine, these herb books below are for…

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Viburnum opulus Cramp bark

Cramp Bark Viburnum Opulus

Cramp bark – Viburnum Opulus This Cramp bark (Viburnum opulus) monograph is an excerpt from the 1999, first edition of Dr. Sharol’s book “Herbal Medicine From The Heart of The…

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Photo of night sky with moon.

Detox – Biotransformation Pathways

Detox -Biotransformation Pathways Our Bodies Innate Detox System Our bodies have mechanisms to remove toxins from outside of the body as well as those made in the body. Many toxins…

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Photo of Niagra Falls.

Detox & Biotransformation-What Is It

Detox & Biotransformation – What Is It? What Does It Mean To Detox? Biotransformation/Metabolic Detoxification is the process of either transforming, or removing excess substances and toxins from the body.…

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Symphytum Comfrey plant with healthy leaves and in full flower.

External Use Of Comfrey

External Use of Comfrey A Bit Of Background: I have used this plant a lot in both my personal life as well as for other’s wounds. It has been is…

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Green Tea And Toxins

Green Tea And Toxins/Mycotoxins Click Here For The List Of Toxin/Mycotoxin Binders What Is Green Tea – Camellia sinensis Green tea is made by drying fresh leaves (roasting) at high…

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Glucomannans As Toxin Binders

Glucomannans As Mycotoxin Binders Research Br Poult Sci. 2013;54(4):515-23. doi: 10.1080/00071668.2013.798627. Epub 2013 Jul 2. In vitro and in vivo protective effects of three mycotoxin adsorbents against ochratoxin A in…

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Photo of a field of yellow flowers.

Hay Fever Prevention With Lifestyle And Focus on Histamine

Preventing Hay Fever With Lifestyle & Focus on Histamine The hay fever reaction is due to the immune system identifying pollen as a threat and using the immune system in…

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Photo of an apes hand on bars.

Skin Conditions

Skin Conditions Associated With Mold Related Illness Many skin conditions that are identified as eczema, psoriasis, or something else, will disappear after you heal from mold related illness. Toxins can…

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Elettaria Cardamomum Cardamom

Cardamom Elettaria Cardamomum

Cardamom  – Elettaria Cardamomum This Cardamom (Elettaria) monograph is an excerpt from the first edition of Dr. Sharol’s book “Herbal Medicine From The Heart of The Earth.” You can purchase the…

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