candida auris

Candida Auris

Candida auris is a new multidrug resistant organism on the rise around the world that is increasing due to multiple factors. Learn why you should be aware of it and why herbs should be researched to help treat it.

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Loss of Smell

Mold Causes Loss Of Smell

Don’t miss out on Dr. Sharol’s newsletters: Get notices of herbal conferences,  any book giveaways  and new articles released. Sign Up For Dr. Sharol’s Newsletter! Loss of Smell Due to Mold In Water-Damaged Buildings ∞ It is common for an individual dealing with symptoms from chronic mold exposure to say they can’t smell the mold.…

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Migraine Caused By Mold

Migraines Caused By Mold

Migraines Can Be Caused By Mold In Your Environment Migraines are a symptom and to treat them, we need to know the cause of this symptom. Without a causative factor, the individual can not be cured of their malady. Without knowing the cause, the symptomatic migraine is only temporarily treated as the causative factor/factors still…

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Frustrated man with mold intoxication causing symptoms similar to dementia.

Dementia Symptoms From Mold Intoxicated Brain

Is It Brain Fog, Head Trauma, Dementia, Insanity, Or Mold Exposure? Do you, or someone you know have dementia symptoms from a mold intoxicated brain? Most practitioners do not consider mold exposure as a possible causative factor in their patients cognitive/emotional related illness causing symptoms of an intoxicated brain. Even though 1/2 the buildings in…

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