Read Labels For Triclosan

Triclosan Is A Toxin

Triclosan Is A Toxin And Is Everywhere Triclosan  is a toxin, as well as it’s relative triclocarbon and they are everywhere. Top 10 aquatic pollutants in the United States In 58% of USA streams in one study 75% of the USA population has triclosan in measurable amounts in their urine In over 2000 consumer products.…

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Sleeping adolescent

Fluoride Exposure, The Pineal Gland And Sleep

The Relationship Of Fluoride Exposure, The Pineal Gland And Sleep In Adolescents Recently, new research studied the affect of fluoride exposure on adolescents and their sleep patterns and sleepiness. It was found that fluoride exposure (measured in water and blood plasma) may contribute to changes in the sleep cycle and sleep behaviors of adolscents (16-19…

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Migraine Caused By Mold

Migraines Caused By Mold

Migraines Can Be Caused By Mold In Your Environment Migraines are a symptom and to treat them, we need to know the cause of this symptom. Without a causative factor, the individual can not be cured of their malady. Without knowing the cause, the symptomatic migraine is only temporarily treated as the causative factor/factors still…

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The type of area to vacate in when on a mold vacation.

Taking A Vacation From Mold

The One Sure Way To Know If You Are Reacting To Mold If you think you might be reacting to mold in your place of work, school or home, take a vacation from the environment. As long as you find a non-moldy place to vacation in, this will give you immediate feedback. Where Will You…

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blackboard sign says "If you are looking for a sign this is it"

Ten Basic Facts You Should Know About Mold Illness

Ten Basic Facts You Should Know About Mold Illness These are the ten most important, and basic facts you should know about mold illness, provided in a quick format with links to additional details. Mold Illness Fact One Mold illness or “CIRS” is caused by more than mold. A water-damaged building contains many biotoxins and…

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Get Your Child Tested For Glyphosate In Study

Would you like to know if your children have glyphosate in their body? Join the study currently underway, and test your kid for glyphosate, the most widely used weed killing chemical on farms, lawns, schoolyards and golf courses. They study needs more test subjects in the age ranges of 2-18 years. In order to help…

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Wheat with Fusarium mycotoxins

Organic Wheat Has Less Mycotoxins

Organic farmers have less problems with mycotoxins (mold toxins) on wheat than conventional farmers. This is a fact supported by their lack of mycotoxins in comparison to conventional farmers in real every day farm life, as well as well organized research findings. This is no surprise to the organic farmers, as they know they are…

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Aspergillus niger growing on Garlic skin.

Mold On My Garlic

Aspergillus Niger Mold  Growing On My Garlic I was cooking a bean and escarole dish this afternoon, when I noticed my garlic had a slight blackish discoloration in-between the outer and inner skin. I got my handy dandy magnifying glass out and found a black fungus conidia growing on the skin. Some had fallen off…

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Frustrated man with mold intoxication causing symptoms similar to dementia.

Dementia Symptoms From Mold Intoxicated Brain

Is It Brain Fog, Head Trauma, Dementia, Insanity, Or Mold Exposure? Do you, or someone you know have dementia symptoms from a mold intoxicated brain? Most practitioners do not consider mold exposure as a possible causative factor in their patients cognitive/emotional related illness causing symptoms of an intoxicated brain. Even though 1/2 the buildings in…

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fluoride in our water

Fluoride In Our Water

A Convenient Way To Dispose of Hazardous Waste: It is not really just fluoride, it is a pollution concentrate that contains a lot of fluorosilicic acid. Technically, the fluoride we are talking about is fluorosilicic acid, originally from aluminum manufacturing, but now it is generally a by-product from phosphate fertilizer manufacturing. The unrefined waste material…

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