Co-Create Health With The Supreme Being

co-creating with supreme being

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Working Hand-In-Hand With The Supreme Being

Spontaneous healing is possible when in prayer/meditation with the Creator. This is how we co-create health in concert with the Supreme Being.

In this reality, where all seems fairly solid around and in us, we are not always aware that we are energetic beings, made from the one-life-force on loan from Spirit taking form as our unique self. When we relax into our spiritual essence and take note of our distinctive vibrations, we become aware of our inner being, and in concert with the Divine, we can change these vibrations to realize health.  This is a method we can use to co-create health with the supreme being.

How To Co-Create Health With The Supreme Being

To begin to make the change we want to be, we need to go to our inner core, where we can connect with Creator, where we recognize all that exists is made from the Creator, where we become all. This is where the real stuff of existence comes from. Here is where we plug into God and co-create reality. Don't think it is some sort of carnival ride where we can go on a magic wish journey though. We have to live an impeccable, ethical, spiritual life with integrity. There are spiritual laws and we are bound by them. To actively co-create with the Supreme Being we need to abide by these spiritual laws. This means leading a life of integrity, knowing that all beings are out-growth of the Creator, knowing all that exists is Creator in form. Recognizing that spark of God in all changes us to our core and we can't help but treat everything around us as the sacred that every bit of existence is. Acknowledging this is our road to the healthiest we can be. I say healthiest we can be, because sometimes what we perceive as a lack of health is actually something we choose to experience for reasons that become obvious in our mediations. Knowing why we are experiencing an illness can be quite enlightening and may or may not negate the need for that illness to continue.

For those of us who find this a bit foreign, but want to start co-creating health with the Supreme Being, all that is needed is the ability to pray to Creator with sincerity and with the belief it will be answered;  guidance is always there. It is simply not the gaudy over-the-top guidance some might expect. Guidance usually comes in very ordinary routes and if we do not realize that the ordinary is holy, we may miss guidance.

Life becomes an answer to our prayers. So, ask for guidance and expect the answers to come in your daily life.

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