COVID-19 Vaccine Myocarditis Explained

COVID -19 Vaccine Myocarditis Explained

Researchers have just finished studying  part of the medical mechanics behind COVID-19 postvaccine myocarditis. This research shows a significant difference in those individual's reactions with myocarditis compared to those who also received the vaccine, but did not get postvaccine myocarditis.

Background Data On COVID-19 Vaccine Myocarditis

A small subset of adolescents and young adults have developed myocarditis after vaccination with SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines. This has been reported around the world but not studied in detail. Therefore a study was undertaken on 16 patients hospitalized in the Massachusetts General for Children, or Boston Children’s Hospital who were diagnosed with myocarditis after vaccination. Extensive testing was completed, and 16 patients with myocarditis were compared with 45 other vaccinated adolescents, and young adults of equal age who acted as controls.

Could The Immune System Have Reacted Differently?

It has been thought there might be some type of immune system reaction such as autoantibody induction, but the immune cells appeared to be reacting within normal vaccine reaction limits in those patients with postvaccine myocarditis. They looked similar to the controls. The researchers said “We found no indication that a specific antibody response is associated with myocarditis.” There was a slight, but insignificant elevation in effector memory cells and PD-1 expressing bulk CD4 T cells in the myocarditis group, but they could not find any significant difference to suggest autoimmunity, viral infections other than SARS-CoV-2, or increased antibody production by the mRNA vaccine used.

Findings of The COVID-19 PostVaccine Study

The researchers found these individuals with postvaccine myocarditis have large amounts of full-length spike proteins circulating around in the plasma after the vaccine.  The control group that did not have myocarditis was found to have no free circulating spike protein in their plasma. Since both groups had shown equal ability to respond to the spike protein via their immune system, the reason this unbound spike protein was freely traveling around the body without being neutralized by antibodies appears to have something to do with the spike protein itself. The researchers believe the spike protein has the ability to somehow dodge the antibodies in these patients.

More Data Is Needed

We still need more details surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine myocarditis. For instance we need to identify what these individuals have in common, so that subset of individuals  would know they should avoid these SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines, but this kind of data is not currently available, and so far researchers sound like they are headed in a different direction. There is talk about mass marketed spike protein tests, and monoclonal antibodies against the vaccine induced spike protein in order to deactivate it. I guess you could call it an antivaccine? Call me silly, but it seems better to avoid this reaction, rather than have a massive system to test all adolescents and young adults for spike protein after immunization and then treat using monoclonal antibodies. I also would ask if it is worthwhile giving an immunization that may have a variety of side effects, including myocarditis to a group of young people who tend to have few problems with COVID-19.

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