covid-19 vaccination reactions

Many Requests For Help Deciding to Vaccinate or Not

This is for all of you have have asked me if they should get a COVID-19 vaccine or not. I certainly can not make that decision for you. Since many of you are asking about the possible reactions, I thought I would show you how to use the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

Center For Disease Control COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions Look Up

It looks overwhelming if you go to the CDC website without having used it before.  It is in reality quite easy to use. Don't let it intimidate you. You can go there and look up all REPORTED reactions to the COVID-19 vaccinations that have taken place. The CDC says the reactions are updated every Friday.

There is a long list of reactions you can look up, so they allow you to choose to look at all of them or only select reactions.

You can look up individual COVID-19 vaccine reactions or you can look up all reactions. For instance I usually look up all reactions of a vaccine, but if you want to just look up one or a few you can do that too. For instance if you can look up simple abdominal discomfort or something more complicated such as deaths from each vaccine. You can also find this information on the long list if you simply let it look up all the reactions. It is set up alphabetical.


How To Look Up COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions

go to this page:;jsessionid=7B94192BCF4A39E65CDC30A795B1

  • Click on Vaers data search after agreeing to their rules at the bottom of the page. 
  • Then in 1. "Organize Table Layout" go to "Group Results By" and click on the choices
    • Symptoms
    • vaccine type
    • vaccine manufacturer
  • Skip number 2. unless you want only specific symptoms
  • Then in 3. "Select Vaccine Characteristics" click on COVID19 (COVID19 vaccine)
  • Then scroll down and again in 3. "Vaccine Manufacturer" click on Moderna or Pfizer/Biontech - you can only choose one of them. You will have to return to this page to go through the look up to check out the other companies vaccine.
  • Then click on any Send button on the page and it should bring up all the side effects for that companies vaccine.

That is all there is to this. Have fun! By the way, you can look up other vaccines here too, but most physicians tell me they don't report reactions. They are  never sure if the responses after a vaccine is from something else or a reaction to a vaccine, plus they are busy. The reactions being reported for these COVID-19 vaccinations are unprescedented and probably due to the intense scrutiny of the subject.

You might also want to know how to support your immune system. If you have family or friends thinking about these vaccinations, send them the link to this page or place this page link on your social media. Buttons are listed below and top of this page.