Get Your Child Tested For Glyphosate In Study

Would you like to know if your children have glyphosate in their body? Join the study currently underway, and test your kid for glyphosate, the most widely used weed killing chemical on farms, lawns, schoolyards and golf courses. They study needs more test subjects in the age ranges of 2-18 years.

In order to help gather the data on children and on adult/child differences, Health Research Institute is offering tests at a price of 2-for-1 for adult/child pairs from the same households for the first 200 pairs. Additional kits for children are $50 each. In other words, two kits for $99.

Besides taking the test, you will also need to take a study survey. The survey will ensure that the data is collected and available to the researchers.

The HRI Glyphosate Environmental Exposure Study has tested samples from more than 2000 people and as soon as they get the results on children they will be publishing the entire study in a scientific journal in the very near future.

To be a part of this study simple go to Health Research Institute Laboratories Glyphosate Study Page.

A July 2019 Fact sheet From Health Research Institute can be found here.