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In the early days of trying to figure out what exactly was going on with people who had various biotoxin illness, I came across Morgellons. So, I started collecting data that looked useful regarding it and share the links here on this page.

At this point we now know that Morgellons is caused by Borrelia burgdorferi which is the spirochete that is the main cause of Lyme disease. For a short, good article on Borrelia's connection to Morgellons read this article.


Links Of Interest About Morgellons

What Causes Morgellons Disease: Understanding Borrelia Spirochetes

The association between Morgellons and Lyme Borreliosis

Morgellons disease: a filamentous borrelial dermatitis

Investigation of the Spirochetal Etiology of Morgellons   - trying to find out why this link has disappeared. The link was originally at

Agrobacterium,  genetically modified plants and possible relation to Morgellons

Characterization and Evolution of Dermal Filaments From Patients with Morgellons

Association of Spirochetal Infection with Morgellons

Animals with Morgellons: Filament Formation Associated with Spirochetal Infection

Skin Symptoms in chronic cases of Neruocutaneous Syndrome or Morgellons

Dental Materials, Their Toxic Ingredients and Associations with Mogellons

Research Publications


For additional Data


Animal Research of Interest

Animals with Morgellons: Filament Formation Associated with Spirochetal Infection

Association of unique, isolated treponemes with bovine digital dermatitis lesions.

Isolation of digital dermatitis treponemes from hoof lesions in Wild North American Elk (Cervus elaphus) in Washington State, USA.


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