Detox -Biotransformation Pathways

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Our Bodies Innate Detox System

Our bodies have mechanisms to remove toxins from outside of the body as well as those made in the body. Many toxins need to be altered by specific metabolic pathways before they can be eliminated through the urine, bile, saliva, sweat, breast milk, exhaled air and even hair and semen. These pathways are called detoxification pathways by the majority of the populace, and biotransformation pathways by researchers, and practitioners. The term biotransformation is more appropriate. It more accurately describes the process since some of the molecules are biotransformed and reused, some are not useful and they are sent out of the body as a nonuseful or potentially harmful substance. This is just a normal process that is going on at break neck speed in all the cells of our body, although some organ cells are more involved in the biotransformation process than others. The only reason a person feels toxic, is due to the biotransformation process not working correctly, or not being able to keep up with excess substances that need to be removed.


The Reason That An Individual Feels "Toxic" Is Due To:

• Lack of appropriate nutrients necessary for biotransformation to take place.

• Excess toxins from the environment that most people have trouble keeping up with.

• Genetic issues that slow the removal of excess substances and toxins from the body.

• Genetic issues that cause an over-abuncance of some substances to be made.

Below you will find a list of the major biotransformation (detox) pathways listed and links to explicit details on each of them if known. I would warn you that there is quite a bit of scientific jargon and concepts thrown around, but I will try to do in a plain jane type of way or at least give you  an "easy peasy" take away.


Start Here With Explanations Of Biotransformation And Detoxification

To read about this entire system and how the different parts of the detox system interact with each other, check out the "Biotransformation and Detoxification - What Is It?" article. I suggest this as the first article to read. After that, you will be ready to read the overview of the detox/biotransformation system of the body,  including the cytochrome P450 system, glutathione conjugation, amino acid conjugation, methylation, sulfation, acetylation and glucuronidation, as well as information on testing of these systems, check out that article, "Detox & Biotransformation System Overview." For information on how these biotransformation systems are supported in see the article "Supporting The Detox - Biotransformation System in mold related illness (other toxins too)".


Biotransformation & Detoxification Pathways


The tripeptide, Glutathione that this whole system rests upon



Phase I enzymes

CYP450 Enzyme System - Main Phase I enzymes


Phase II enzyme systems and associated data


Amino Acid Conjugation

Glutathione Conjugation

• Glucuronidation

Methylation And The Methionine Cycle



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