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Herbs From A-Z

Welcome to Herbal Monographs.

Here, you will find the most commonly used Western herbs as well as some less commonly known, but vitally important medicinal herbs. The information on each herb is organized to be easily accessed, and has been kept to the bare bones essentials to give you quick insight into each herb, and allow you to decide if it might be a good herbal allay for you. This information is from ancient wisdom, research from around the world and personal clinical experience, shared as written word, photos and videos. Please let me know how this might better fit your needs...Dr. Sharol♥

This is currently connecting you to Dr. Sharol's Old website as the time necessary to recreate this part of the website here with photos is simply not available until Winter of 2019. Until then, you can still access the old website for written information on many herbs, using the buttons below.

Herbs Listed By Common Name

Herbs Listed By Latin Name