Feverfew - Tanacetum Parthenium

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This Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) monograph is an excerpt from the 1999, first edition of Dr. Sharol's book "Herbal Medicine From The Heart of The Earth." You can purchase the 2020, third edition of this book with an expanded materia medica/monograph section, herbal formulas and directions on making herbal products in Dr. Sharol's Book Store. You receive free shipping in the USA. The expanded 3rd edition materia medica, and additional herbal tidbits are also available as a kindle ebook at Amazon and details on this e-book are here.

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Feverfew - Tanacetum parthenium in the Asteraceae or Aster family

Parts used: Flowering herb.

Taste/smell: Bitter, aromatic, slightly sweet.

Tendencies: Drying, warming.

Dosage: Fresh leaves:1-2 fresh leaves with food; or infusion: 1 teaspoon of dry herb per cup of water; or 1:1 fresh + dry strength liquid extract: 10-40 drops 1-4 times per day.

Mental picture and specific indications: It is specific for nervous afflictions or pains where the condition seems to be related to unequal circulation causing too little or too much blood in an area of the body. It will equalize the blood flow.

Use: (a) Diaphoretic, (b) Anti-inflammatory actions by inhibiting inflammatory prostaglandins, leukotrienes and thromboxanes, (c) Decreases platelet aggregation, (d) Decreases serotonin and histamine release.

Feverfew is used in migraine headaches, arthritis, colds and flu. Clinical trials indicate the crude fresh leaf may be the only effective form of Feverfew to use for treating migraines and must be used prophylactically on a long term basis to see results. You can't simply chew it up though as it can irritate the mouth. Usually it is eaten with food to dilute it.

Contraindications: Feverfew may cause ulceration of the mucous membranes, especially with prolonged contact. It is also contraindicated in pregnancy due to the emmenagogue effect.

If you are looking for directions on making teas or tinctures, please see our "Making Herbal Products" page.

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