How To Pray Or Meditate

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Learning How To Pray Or Meditate Is Your Best Healing Tool

Many people who are/were seriously ill tell me the same thing. The one healing modality that helped them when all else failed was prayer and/or meditation. I consider this to be the most powerful healing tool we have available to us. This tool is older than the dirt. It is always available, and there is no right or wrong to it. I am going to give you some suggestions on how to pray/meditate, as not everyone knows where to start. If you need a starting point, or you are not getting what you expect from prayer/meditation, this article is for you.

Alone And In Groups

Prayer and meditation can be done alone or in groups. Which of the two you choose to do, is entirely dependent on what works for you. I would suggest that even if you pray/meditate in groups, that you also take time each day to do it alone (all-one).

It Is All About Connecting With The Creator

Ultimately prayer/meditation is about you and the one that created everything. Prayer or meditation is used by many to connect in to the Creator, the Elan Vital, the Primal Force, God, Source, the Is, the One, Adonai, Divine Consciousness, or whatever you want to call that being we are all a part of. This is the tool you use to get one-on-one time with the supreme being. When you find yourself "in the zone" with the Creator you are filled with an infinite amount of love and wisdom. In this space healing is possible, and by simply surrendering to the experience, and being in the lap of the Infinite One, you will receive divine guidance on how to best heal. Many are healed by the act of prayer/meditation.

The How To

There are as many ways to pray/meditate as there are people who do it. Here are some examples to try, or you can find your own way once you try some of these. In its simplest form, prayer/meditation is about being quiet and connecting with the Great Spirit. That is all there is to it. However, we humans like to make things complicated, therefore I am offering some tools I have used, and found helpful. I have used a variety of methods to relax, visulize and experience this connection/rememberance of All That Is. Anything that works for you, is how to do it. Here are a few methods used to relax, and assist in prayer/meditation, as well as how to position the body and methods to focus the mind. For me, talking to Creator is always a part of prayer/meditation. However, to really feel a connection with the Creator, I need to be in a quiet, receptive state, and this is why meditative practices as I list below can be very useful. They are a key to Creators door.

Some Methods For Prayer And Meditation
  • Deep breathing
  • QiGong
  • Tai Chi
  • Mantras or sacred words
  • Yoga
  • Guided meditation
  • Hypnosis
  • Focused mind - focusing intently on pretty much anything - Always focus on something positive.
  • Unfocused mind - letting go of everything and focusing on nothing
  • Dance or music to enduce meditative state
  • Nothing - Just being in the moment
  • Reading spiritual books
How To Position The Body
  • Sit in a comfortable position.
  • Loose clothing is helpful.
  • If sitting is not comfortable for some reason, then lie down.
  • The point is to be comfortable. I find it helps to straighten my spine, but start as you need to be comfortable.
  • Some forms of meditation/prayer such as Tai Chi or Qi Gong involves movement.
How To Relax And Focus The Busy Mind

God is always there, but we don't usually notice. Our mind is too busy with "stuff," and "things to do," and thinking of the future or the past. I  have heard the mind called a crazed monkey and indeed it can be. The crazed monkey is not needed to be present with the One, and in fact it is best if it is given something to do, so it steps aside. Giving your mind something to focus on can help to calm and soothe it. Here are examples of what you can do to focus the mind while you visit the Creator.

  • Stare at a lit candle.
  • Stare at your face in a mirror.
  • Stare at a rock that is beautiful.
  • Stare at the the sky.
  • Listen to wind chimes.
  • Listen to the crickets.
  • Listen to a recorded meditation that induces relaxation.
  • Listen to a recorded meditation that induces relaxation and helps you let go of unnecessary energies that are taking your attention to distant places.
  • Listen to a recorded meditation that induces relaxation, and helps you let go of unnecessary energies that are taking your attention to distant places, and focus on the energy that is your direct connection to the Creator.

Divine Energy - What To Expect

The Divine is vibratory energy, electrical current, good vibrations, or whatever you want to call it. We each are our own special vibratory energy created by the Infinite One. We receive an energetic life-line from the Supreme Being, made from Divine essence. This is a special vibratory essence that the Great One sends out individually to each one of us. This is what we become aware of when we become enveloped in the lap of the Supreme Being.

Grounding And Connecting To The Supreme Being

For some it is easy to connect in/remember/or reaquaint themselves with the Great Spirit. However, many of us have forgotten where we came from, forgotten who we are, and what we are. For those of us who are running around like lost puppies, it can be helpful to go through a process of grounding to the Earth and actively opening up to God's loving energy.

Ground Yourself

As electrical beings, grounding ourself to the Earth can be helpful on many levels.  It is something many healers make use of. Grounding yourself to Earth can be accomplished by connecting yourself to the Earth in your minds eye. I do this by imagining roots, like the roots of a tree (or you can imagine a cord similar to an umbilical cord) connected to the bottom of my spine where my first energy center is and inserting the roots/cord deep into the Earth. These roots or grounding cord can be used to release unnecessary energies picked up from other places or people. You want to insert it down through anything between you, and the Earth, and then move it into the depths of the Earth, and ground it to a rock, to the dirt, or to anything you wish. You then allow the energies that are not yours to move down the roots/grounding cord and into the Earth. This would be any energy that is not your energy. Any unwanted energy that is slowing you down, getting in your way or otherwise not beneficial. It could be from the near accident on the freeway, or the grocer in the store, or your mother, father, children, friends, lover, husband, wife etc.  Basically, any energy you picked up, and has your attention, or is lodged in your being in any way that is not your energy and not beneficial. Energy from other places or people is unnecessary and gets in the way of healing, so let it go. Let go of concerns, worries, fears, anger, judgements, and bad memories. Let go of anything that is holding you back, anything that is pushing you in directions you don't want to go. Let go of anything that makes you feel heavy, stressed or adds to ill health. Let go of anything that bothers you.  Letting go of it will make you feel lighter and more able to focus on prayer/mediation. By removing energy that is not yours, you now have room to bring in helpful healing energy from the Divine. This is a tool to allow you to consciously remove unwanted energy and nothing more. You can remove, or add roots/grounding cord and use it as needed.

Connecting To The Supreme Being

After grounding yourself to the Earth and removing energies that are not you, find the All Mighty in your mind's eye, however you imagine this Great Being, and allow Divine energy that is specifically meant for you to come down into the top of your head. This is the vibratory life-line that the Supreme Being sends out just to you. It is your energy that is always available for you to energize you, to give you the ability to love, to know, and to be the best you that you are meant to be. It is always there. Opening to it, is to open to being the fullest, healthiest, bio-spiritual version of yourself you can imagine. Let the Supreme Being's energy bathe your being in radiant, healthy energy and make use of it any time you need it.

Focusing The Healing Energy

Although the act of prayer or meditation alone has a healing effect, using various methods to focus the healing energy can be beneficial. A few methods used during meditation/prayer are:

  • Positive affirmations
    • love
    • joy
    • health and vibrancy
  • Stories of the health you are choosing
  • Visualizations of healing and health
  • Use of guided meditation
  • Gratitude for the health you already have and the health that is being given to you by the Divine Consciousness


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