Nourish Spirit

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Who/What Are We?

I am not my body. I am a spark of Creator that is materializing, inhabiting, and enlivening  this body. Knowing that changes my point of view regarding health care from the idea that I can heal, or cure, to the knowledge that it is best to step out of the way and allow creator to heal.  

When I say "You Are The Healer", I am talking about the Inner You. That inner spark of the Creator where all the magic happens. The best tools we have for healing are those provided by the Creator through nature.

Most of us wait until all else fails, then we go inside and use prayer and meditation. These will guide us home to where all healing resides. We could call this activity spiritual medicine, wisdom medicine, mind medicine... No matter what we call it, this is where true healing comes from. Why wait to connect with your inner healer when you are ill, and most need assistance, take a moment and start now...♥ Dr. Sharol

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