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"How are we to guard the mind? We should use attentiveness to watch our thoughts and mindfulness to judge whether we are acting correctly. With these two we have the means to annihilate all adverse conditions." The 14th Dalai Lama

Living By Habit

Most of us are living by habit. We are programed as a child with thoughts and habits. As an adult we run our lives based on these thoughts and habits. Negative thoughts and habits can create ill health. Alternatively, we can create a pro-health state. This is accomplished by consciously paying attention to our life moment by moment. This allows us to bring our wishes, and most heart felt aspirations to life including being healthy.

How Meditation/Prayer Can Help

You have a powerful tool that you can use right now. Please consider meditation/prayer as a method to help. Work on improving yourself. Set aside time each day to meditate/pray and be mindful. Even 5 minutes will help. Be quiet and contemplative. This activity helps you become more aware of being in the moment. Being in the moment is necessary to change your thought patterns and habits.

Mindful Watching - How To Become The Person You Want To Be

Take the time each day to contemplate your own actions, behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Watch yourself as if you were watching a stranger. Watch how you interact with the rest of the world. Do not criticize yourself, but simply note what your thoughts are. Note what your habits are. Then consider what you want from life and pay attention to what thoughts and behaviors are taking you towards your life's desires and what thoughts and behaviors are counter-productive to them. Replace negative thoughts and habits with positive thoughts and habits. The more you get good at watching yourself and being in the moment. The more you will be able to change your thoughts and behaviors. As you do this, the better your life becomes. The more all of us do this, the better our social systems and the planetary life becomes.

Programing Ourselves

We are playing programs in our subconscious mind that control our behavior. These behaviors are learned as we grow up. They are from our family, society and other past interactions. By paying attention to ourselves through-out the day, we note these behaviors. We can see how they are creating our current life. By consciously watching our behaviors, we change them into behaviors that support the life we want to live. Changing those behaviors, changes our health, and life in general. It is all about staying in the present moment, paying attention to what you are doing and what you want. This allows us to consciously change our behaviors to support our life's wishes and desires.

How to Reprogram Your Subconscious

The subconscious mind learns easily when the brain is in theta mode.  Minds are often in theta when young prior to the age of 7. This is a great time to teach positive things to your children.

What about when we are older, and no longer in theta or training mode? How Do we change our subconscious mind. Can we just tell ourself something and make it so?

You do need to start consciously telling your subconscious mind the new thoughts you want to have controlling your subconscious programs. However, the subconscious does not always jump on board immediately. So, just telling yourself what you want to believe and going on with life may not work. This is where hypnosis, or repetitively repeating what you want to believe and recreating habits is helpful. Some people can read something once and they have it memorized, but some of us need to repeat it over and over before it becomes second nature to us. So, we use tools to help us.

One way to reach your subconscious is via hypnosis. That can be done by using the help of a trained hypnotist or it can be as simple as using subliminal tapes to hypnotize yourself at night. The process of sleep takes you through a theta stage and therefore you can play tapes as you are going to sleep that will help you hypnotize yourself and train your subconscious mind. This Audio program by Bernie Siegel is made to do just that.

Another way to train our subconscious is through habitual training. The act of repeating thoughts and actions until you memorize them. Repetitive thoughts, and actions will become habit eventually. So you can simply keep reinforcing thoughts you want to believe or habits you want to ingrain in yourself. You do this over and over until it is ingrained and becomes a habit. Doing this in a meditative state when the body is relaxed but the mind is active, is a good teaching mode for the subconscious mind. Additionally, the act of being consciously aware of your behaviors and thoughts during your daily life and stopping those behaviors and thoughts that are antagonistic to what you want and inserting new behaviors and thoughts into their place in a conscious fashion is necessary until they become a subconscious learned behavior. If you have trouble training yourself to watch your thoughts and actions, simply recite the mantra to yourself during the day, "I am aware of my thoughts and actions." You will find yourself paying more attention by telling yourself this. Make sure you use the present tense to learn new things. For instance if you say I want to be healthy or I am becoming healthy, that is different than saying I am healthy. The goal is not to continually want to be healthy or to become healthy in the never present future. The goal is to be healthy.

The Process of Programing Through Meditation/Prayer

Ask yourself, What am I missing in my life? Am I getting what I want from life? Is there something that would make me happier? What habits or programs are controlling my life? Check out your habits and programs that are antagonistic to your goals? If you are having trouble figuring out what these habits or programs are, simply watch your daily activities. Watch how you react to others and to situations in your life. You will become more aware of the habits and thoughts that keep you from attaining your goals. You will also see what thoughts and habits are necessary to attain your goals.

Just because your conscious mind believes something does not mean your subconscious mind is on board with it. This can cause disharmony in your body. Your conscious mind may want to be healthy and say it is healthy, but your you may be displaying beliefs and habits unconsciously that make you sick. You need to get your subconscious mind on board with what you consciously want. So how do you teach your subconscious mind to do what you consciously desire?

Be sure to follow the "mindful watching" I mention above and retrain yourself as you go through daily life. Also, use scheduled meditation/prayer. Sit down and bring yourself into present time and tell yourself a belief you want your subconscious to believe such as "I am healthy." It can take as much as ten minutes to do this. You simply sit there and say, I am healthy and check in with yourself and see how it feels to say this. You slowly keep telling yourself this until you feel that this is a statement that is possible. This does not make your body immediately healthy. It does create a situation where your mind is no longer seeing yourself as an unhealthy person. It is now going to do everything it can to bring your body to a state of health. This will include helping you to notice behaviors that are making you unhealthy and helping you identify new behaviors that will make you healthy. Your mind will pay attention to opportunities in your environment that can help you be healthy. It will help you attain what it knows to be true. You may or may not need to repeat this exercise. As you watch yourself during the day, you will notice if your subconscious has jumped on board or not. If not, simply keep retraining yourself during meditation/prayer and the repetition will eventually retrain your subconscious. Make sure your statements are always affirmative.

One last thought: Keep in mind that sometimes our higher-self, or the universe/God has other plans for us than that which we considering as important. Always keep this in mind and ask if you are on the right track during mediation/prayer. Ask for guidance.

Tools To Assist You In Your Retraining Program

This interview of Bruce Lipton is very helpful to understand this if this is a new idea for you.

I found Caroline Myss to be very instructive and inspirational. You can find videos of her on YouTube and a couple of her books are listed below.

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