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This is a site map for the Mold & Toxins Section.


Toxins - Others

For articles on other toxins that affect your health besides biotoxins, go to this link.


Mold & Mycotoxins

What Are Molds And Mycotoxins

Types of Mycotoxins - The basics that you need to know.

Moldy Buildings

Water Damage, Moldy Buildings And Solutions

Issues Cleaning The Moldy Buildings And Belongings

More Than A Moldy Building

My House Has Water Damage, But Not Mold Yet - What Do I Do?

Finding Mold In Your Home

House Construction And Mold

Testing For Mold In A Building

Cleaning A Moldy Home - What To Expect, What To Do

My Stuff is Moldy - How Do I Clean It?

Buying A Mold Free Home

Mold Clean Up Resources

Mold Prevention

How To Find A Mold (Water-Damage Building) Inspector

How To Find A Contractor Who Can Remediate My Home

Using Ozone With Water-Damaged Building

Moldy People

What is Mold Associated Illness or CIRS

How Do I Know I Might Have CIRS or Mold Sensitivity

Testing For CIRS or Mold Sensitivity

Most Tests Are Listed Here At This Link!

A few tests have their own pages below or there is data about the biological marker.

Healing And The Order Of Things To Do When Diagnosed With CIRS or Mold Sensitivity

The Step By Step Protocol Is Listed Here


Other Treatments To Prevent Or Remove Mycotoxins & Damage

Antioxidants To The Rescue

Green Tea

Traveling When Mold Susceptible


Skin Conditions Associated With Moldy People

The Run Down on Various Conditons

Protection From Mycotoxins

Masks For Mycotoxin Protection

Air Filter Issues


Moldy Food

Aflatoxin Found In Pet Food is Killing Pets

Moldy Food Overview

Moldy Food Research

Food Mycotoxin Is Potent Endocrine Disruptor

Individual mycotoxins found in foods

Health Issues Associated With Mold Related Illness

Mast Cell Activation and General High Histamine

Histamine Intolerance Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis

When Food Allergy is Really Histamine Intolerance

Histamine Intolerance Solutions

Mitochondrial Fatigue - causes adrenal fatigue, hypothyroid and other endocrine disease


To Add Later:

What To Expect From My Practitioner If I Tell Them I Think I Have CIRS

How To Find A Practitioner Who Knows How To Help Me


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