Biotransformation Of Mycotoxins

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Biotransformation Of Mycotoxins Explained

Biotransformation of mycotoxins into non-toxic metabolites can be accomplished by use of bacteria, yeast or enzymes”.

Biotransformation of mycotoxins is defined as “the degradation of mycotoxins into non-toxic metabolites by using bacteria/fungi (yeast usually) or enzymes”. This is a term used in the animal industry for adding organisms or enzymes to moldy animal food to transform the mycotoxins in the food into non-toxic metabolites. However, the same term is used for the human bodies biotransformation pathways which also biotransform toxins, including mycotoxins into less toxic, or non-toxic, and more water soluble metabolites, that can be excreted easier.

Biotransformation of mycotoxins by the body, or by organisms added to contaminated food (usually in moldy animal food, but may be added to people food in future), or taken as supplements by an individual or animal, can be an effective method to remove the toxin. Rather than binding the mycotoxin, it is transformed by gut microbes, or enzymes, or the actual biotransformation system (AKA detox system) of the body alters it into a less toxic, and more water soluble molecule that can be removed through the urine, bile, skin or other removal routes.

Degradation Products

This is what the products are called that are used to degrade the mycotoxins. They are generally used in animals at this time. This is the current term that is being used by researchers using these products with livestock. The products tested, and those being sold for use on farms are called degradation products.

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