Moldy People

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Moldy People Site Map - For Articles On Mold Related Illness

For people  with  Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) due to exposure to water-damaged buildings

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What is Mold Associated Illness or CIRS

Other Issues Associated With Water-Damaged Building Exposure

Histamine Related Issues

How Do I Know I Might Have CIRS or Mold Sensitivity

Testing For CIRS or Mold Sensitivity

Most Tests Are Listed Here At This Link!

A few tests have their own pages below.

Healing And The Order Of Things To Do When Diagnosed With CIRS or Mold Sensitivity

The Step By Step Protocol Is Listed Here


Antioxidants To The Rescue

Traveling When Mold Susceptible


Skin Conditions Associated With Moldy People

Protection From Mycotoxins

Masks For Protection

Air Filter Issues

Other Sources of Mycotoxins

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