Healing From Mold

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After Diagnosis

We will start at the point where an individual has been diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) due to water-damaged building, or also called Mold Associated Illness by a clinician.  This is an indivudal who is not getting well on their own, and it appears they  may be more mold susceptible than others, due to faulty antigen presenting  immune system issues or decreased ability to detoxify the mycotoxins due to  genetics in their biotransformation system, or due to those darn mycotoxins and endotoxins decreasing the biotransformational/detox capabilities (those nasty molds).

Now what happens?

This page is a linking page to the protocol steps I believe are necessary for the average CIRS/Mold Associated Illness individual to get well. This may change for an individual, as we are all uniquie, but overall this is the road to health for a moldy person. Although, I have them listed as a progressive linear activity, the fact is that after the first few healing activities, the rest of them get added as needed for that individual and often times many things are used together at the same time.

For people who tend to react easily to supplements, go slow and add only tiny amounts at a time. If the person is reacting to treatments and having trouble with eating normal foods, look to possible continued toxin exposure and lack of using adequate binders. Examine their organs of elimination. You may have skipped that step and that is why they are having so much trouble. For some people after removal from exposure, the binders might be too much as their liver and digestive tract are too intoxicated, irritated and inflamed. Constipation is a common issue with binders and needs to be taken into account.  In these people you need to start by supporting the liver/gall bladder and digestive tract in the manner necessary for that individual.

Also realize that people will always have more going on than exposure to mycotoxins. Look for heavy metals, pathogens such as parasites, viruses, retroviruses, bacteria, internal fungus and look for other environmental toxins, electromagnetic frequency reactions, mental/emotional stress as well as any other organ issues or genetic issues that might add to the health picture.

Many people feel beat up by the time they realize they have been exposed to a water-damaged building and need to resolve the issue. The process I or another practitioner may suggest to them can seem overwhelming for them to contemplate, let alone put into action. They really need a plan to action and I have a simple one that works in all situations. I would like to share my steps towards changing any reality in my life. The beauty is in how simple it is. These are steps that work and will help the individual attain their goal.


Simple Steps Towards Changing Reality

  • The dream of a new reality is the first step towards a new reality. - You are already here!
  • Next your dream gives birth to visions and new ideas.
  • What follows are plans for the future based on these visions and ideas.
  • Finally, we turn these plans into physical actions.
  • These actions can be broken down into simple steps to get from where we are now to where we wish to be.
  • Don't be concerned about not seeing fully how you will get to where you need to be. Simply start with what seems to be the obvious first step.
  • The next step will become evident soon enough.
  • Say with  me, "I choose to be actively aware of where I am going and take conscious steps towards the future I envision. The more I actively participate, the happier I am with where I am going."
  • You are on your way!

These simple steps allow us to create reality out of our dreams.

We are doing this every moment of our existence even if we are not aware of it. Consciously taking control of what you are subconsciously doing can improve your life.

Click Here For The Step By Step Protocol Of This Healing Journey

Step By Step Protocol To Heal From Mold


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