Step By Step Protocol To Heal From Mold

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The Step By Step Protocol That Will Take An Individual On A Healing Journey

These steps are listed as links to their own individual pages. Please read the pages in the order they are provided to get the most use out of this data. Also note each page has additional links to give you more in-depth information on the topic. Although, I have listed these steps in order of how they are best approached, the fact is that many of these things are done in conjunction with each other. It is great if you remove yourself from water-damaged buildings, and support your organs of elimination, and take binders all at once. However, if you take binders, and don't remove yourself from the water-damaged buildings, this is like feeding a fire with one hand while pouring water on it with another. You do have to remove the toxins in your environment, or remove yourself from the toxins, as well as remove them from your food before using binders to remove toxins already in the body.


#1 Remove Yourself From Exposure And Avoid All Moldy Buildings
#2 Remediate Your Home, Clean Up Your Stuff
#3 Support the Organs of Elimination
#4 Using Binders To Remove Toxins
#5 Supporting the Biotransformation/Detoxification System Of The Body
#6 Healing Inflammation From Mold Exposure
#7 Calming The Mind & Body- Feeding The Spirit
#8 Additional Protocols You Should Know About
#9 Some things that might seem oddball
#10 An Answer To The Qusetion, "When will I feel better?"


To Get You Started, Here Is A Simple List  Of Things That Help For Almost Everyone!

Environmental Avoidance of Mold - Staying away from moldy homes, work places, schools etc. Hard but necessary.

Avoiding chemicals: These folks are usually sensitive to chemicals in the environment, their food, the air, cosmetics, laundry soaps, dryer softeners etc. In reality, these chemicals are hazardous, and should not be used by people. People with mold related illness are more bothered by them due to the excess amount of toxins already in their body and their inability, or depleted ability to remove them.

Binders: Seems to often be necessary for folks who have genetic susceptibility. Not for folks who are not genetically susceptible. See the Moldy Genes article for details.

Healthy Food: Avoid mold in food, eat organic, non-GMO, non-chemical food. Eat colorful food. Eat fresh raw food as often as possible. Remove foods from the diet that cause sensitivities for as long as necessary. (This often changes once treated.)

Stress Reduction/Relaxation: This is important and always makes a difference. Anything that relaxes the individual is useful. Some suggestions are meditation, prayer, yoga. Meditation has been shown to enhance glutathione levels.

Being In Nature: This helps feed our soul and even if it is just sitting outside watching the birds, it helps.


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