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Healing From Mold Protocol #8 - From the "Step By Step Protocol"  To Healing From Mold

In this article I will introduce ideas that should be kept in mind through-out the healing process or actual protocols that did not fit well into other categories I was discuss.


Avoid Chemicals As Much As Possible

It seems this would be obvious, but it needs to be mentioned. Many of these folks have multiple chemical sensitivity due to their biotransformation system being overwhelmed. Their body just can't cope with any additional crud at the moment. There is a theory also that people can get sensitized, and over-react to chemicals, and toxins in the environment. Although I think that is possible, I would caution people into thinking that these chemicals are okay, and you just need to learn to decrease your reaction to them. This only works to a certain degree as many of these chemicals are really toxic to everyone, and we are finding in research that even minute amounts of them can act as neuroendocrine disrupters. Some of the mycotoxins are being shown to affect animals, and people at extremely low levels. So, my suggestion is to avoid any chemicals or toxins that  your body is reacting to, or any of them that smell bad to you. Your body is inherently wise and if wants to move away from a chemical smell, please listen to it.


Endocrine System & A Few Other Odds And Ends

Many folks with mold issues may have thyroid, adrenal or ovarian, testicular hypofunction. This may clear on its own, or need to be attended to. The fact is that when the mitochondria go on strike, these organs will all have a slow down. So, you might take the approach of mitochondrial support to enhance any, and all of the activities of these organs. It is also possible that the mycotoxin or mycotoxins that an individual has experienced are those that may actually affect the organs the individual is having trouble with. In that case antioxidants and removing those mycotoxins will be the best route to go for. If you don't know due to lack of adequate information and testing, it never hurts to use antioxidants and mitochondrial support along with binders. Just remember to follow the directions for using these substances so your client does not react.

Many of these folks have low DHEA levels, cortisol, testosterone, androstenedione, some have low ADH levels, some of them have a bleeding issue which correlates with an abnormal Von Willebrands profile when they are having bleeding episodes. (if you don't test right then and there, you probably will get a negative Von Willebrands test) These people will sometimes have abnormal iron, ferritin and CBCs. Additionally many of these folks have inflamed guts, and you will see they temporarily have elevated antigliadin, AgA, IgG tests which correct themselves after they stay off of gluten products for a few months, and are treated for mold. They may also have elevated anticardiolipin levels. Their D3 is often low, but as with some of these other tests, it may normalize on its own as they get better. There are inflammatory markers that are also examined before treatment, and they are checked after treatment is underway to make sure people are indeed getting better. Depending on the signs, symptoms and lab result of each person depends on how the person is treated at this stage. For more details on testing check out this article.

The visual contrast sensitivity test is inexpensive and easy to use as a guide as to if a person is getting better or has had a re-exposure incident. You can find various websites offering this test on the web. The free ones are not always entirely free as they may not be giving you adequate data. So compare what is offered. I suggest Dr. Ritchie Shoemakers website as a place to get multiple VCS tests.

The Gastrointestinal System

Inflamed gut

This is key to attend to as early as possible. They get such an inflamed digestive system that it causes leaky gut and they become sensitive to all sorts of foods. Healing their gut becomes a priority. Mycotoxins have been shown in animals to cause a dysfunctional gut barrier. (leaky gut) I have an article on the gastrointestinal system and mycotoxins that I will have up on this website soon. Do a search to see if it is up yet.


Bile is necessary to remove many toxins from the body, through the bile, and out with the feces. Many of these folks have bile issues. This has to be remedied if it is a factor. See my article on bile acids for additional understanding on this. Check liver enzymes, and evaluate bile flow through symptomology.

The Use of Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (VIP)

Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide use for mold folks was originated by Dr. Shoemaker and has been useful to many people who have removed themselves from moldy environments, used binders, and anti-inflammatories etc and still are not feeling well. It is also useful to folks to recover faster when they are re-exposed to mold. He has a great research article available on its use that I suggest you read. One of the issues with using VIP is that it is only available for research generally. You can sometimes get it from compounding pharmacists but not in all states. So, the biggest issue has been availability. It can really help some people and I hope that research increases on VIP and availability also increases.

It is possible that VIP may cause pancreatitis in some cases and therefore lipase levels should be monitored when it is used as a medicine.


Epsom Salt Baths

Many people find epsom salt baths to be helpful, and not just because it is relaxing, and parasympathetic supportive to take a bath. It is also due to the fact that it is magnesium sulfate, and moldy folks need both sulfate for sulfation (phase II biotransformational conjugation method) as well as magnesium for a myriad of bodily activities. They are usually deficient in both of these. It is thought that at least 1/2 the population in the United States is low in magnesium. If you have spasms taking place in your body or twitching, magnesium can make that go away. However, magensium is intricately involved in many body processes and low magnesium causes many symptoms that are often not attributed to magnesium deficiency. Both sulfate and magnesium are absorbed through the skin.


Most of these folks crash when they exercise. If so, assume they have mitochondrial dysfunction. They are in an anaerobic state. I tell them not to do anything that makes them crash. As they recover they can exercise. Please don't think they are lazy and that exercise is good for everyone. Exercise will usually give them shortness of breath, fatigue and muscle pain. They will have good days and bad days. On a good day, they will think they can exercise or get work done and over-do it. Then they need a couple days to recuperate.


Sweating helps move toxins out through the pores of the skin. People use a variety of methods to sweat. Many people prefer near infrared saunas, as some traditional saunas can get as hot as 185 to 195 degrees F, which can overwhelm those who are sensitive to heat or are having trouble keeping enough fluid in their body. A near infrared sauna does not heat the room up as much, but still heats deep into your body with the use of light. Generally it causes a more vigorous sweat, despite the lower temperature.  However, what ever type of sauna you have available is useful. Be careful if the person is volume depleted. If they are dehydrated, sweating is a bad idea.

Near infrared saunas have been shown to support mitochondria. Near infra-red (670 nm) is thought to be absorbed by cytochrome c oxidase (new research shows mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase is not the primary acceptor for near infrared light—it is mitochondrial bound water) , which is a key element in mitochondrial respiration. It improves mitochondrial membrane potentials and appears to support ATP production.


  • All saunas will usually raise the body temperature a bit which will increase the metabolic rate.
  • Saunas increase the rate of elimnation of toxins such as heavy metals, varous solvents, and mycotoxins.
  • Saunas will decrease the work-load of the liver by increasing the elimination of toxins through the skin in the sweat.
  • Increases oxygenation to peripheral tissues.
  • Induces similar adaptive body responses as exercise.

Studies Find Improvement To Health Disorders

  • Chronic pain syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression
  • Alelrgic rhinitis
  • COPD

 On The Cellular Level

  • Production of heat shock proteins
  • Reduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS)
  • Reduced oxidative stress and inflammation pathway activities
  • Increased nitric oxide bioavailability
  • Increased insulin sensitivity


Additional Therapies Some People Have Used With Success

  • Ionic foot baths,
  • Coffee enemas
  • Cannabis
  • Raw juicing (I prefer raw, whole foods for people unless they can't deal with the fiber.)

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