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When To Run, When To Stay And What You Can And Can Not Clean

Healing From Mold Protocol #2 - From the "Step By Step Protocol"  To Healing From Mold

If you have not yet read the article on "Removing Yourself From Exposure", please read it first.

In your home you have a lot of control, but the choices may not be what you want. These are both very big subjects, so each has their own page. These articles are in the "moldy buildings" part of this web site along with additional data  you might read regarding tips to help you in the process of purchasing a home or the things one should consider before even starting to clean up their home and belongings. It is well worth your time to read all of these if you need to remediate your home. Even if you hire someone else to do the remediation, which is the wise way to go, you should still know what needs to be done and how it should be done, or you may become one more sad story involving remediation gone wrong.

Remediate Your Home


Next, read the section on "Supporting Organs Of Elimination".


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