Support The Organs Of Elimination

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Healing From Mold Protocol #3 - From the "Step By Step Protocol"  To Healing From Mold

What Are The Organs Of Elimination

The main organs of elimination are:

  • Liver/Gallbaldder
  • Gastrointestinal System
  • Kidneys
  • Lungs
  • Skin

These last two are not commonly added in but are necessary to work on also:

  • Lymphatic System/Glymphatic System and extracellular matrix and capillaries
  • Mitochondrial Network

Technically, we could give reasons for all organs and tissues of the body being neccessary for elimination, but these are the ones we are usually focused on when we want to make sure the person is able to biortransform at a cellular, tissue and organ level.

Supporting these organs means you support their normal function. When someone is under assault from mycotoxins, all of these organs take a beating. They are working hard to remove the mycotoxins from the body, but additionally they can have damage from the presence of these toxins. This causes inflammation and lack of vitality. This is why binders are so important to remove mycotoxins in the gut. Anything you can remove from the body as it goes through the enterohepatic circulation (ultimately ending up in the feces if binders are used) needs to be removed in this manner as it gives relief to the rest of the body including the other organs of elimination.

It is important to have the organs of elimination in tip-top shape before an individual begins on a program to mobilize toxins and remove them from cellular storage. If not, they will be mobilized, but there may be a limit as to what will be excreted.

We can also think about detoxification and elimination on other than physical body levels.  There is the mental level, emotional level, the familialial level, the group level of your community, the environmental level outside of us.

Methods That Support Elimination Of Toxins In General

  • Eat Healthy - I have written about this in many articles - Will try to get a separate article up in my Food section
  • Eat a lot of dark green vegetables to enhance minerals, may need mineral supplementation. Minerals are often cofactors for detox reactions.
  • Eating A Lot of Vegetables, focus on cruciferous veggies (be aware that too many raw ones can decrease thyroid activty), also garlic, spices, berries - bright colored vegetables and fruit
  • Normalize bowel function
  • Normalize liver and gall bladder function
  • Normalize kidney/bladder function
  • Supporting The Biotransformation System - or See Healing From Mold Modality #5
  • Sweating with saunas - Some people do better with near infrared as they are not as hot, you sweat at a lower temperature, hot tubs or a hot bath and ginger tea
  • Skin Brushing to help skin and lymph movement
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Lymphatic support drainage/extracellular matrix support drainage with herbs, food, supplements
  • Oil pulling
  • Drinking Plenty of clean Water
  • Getting Refreshing Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Binders - See Healing From Mold modality #4
  • Breath fresh air
  • Get rid of any toxins in your life, physical/mental/emotional
  • Meditation/Prayer
  • Lowering inflammation in the body will allow all cells to function better

Start Low And Go Slow

Remember to start low and go slow. This is my mantra for people opening up elimination organs and using them to move toxins out.

For instance when using a sauna, start at 100 degrees F for 5 minutes and work up in temperature and time to make sure the individual can handle it.

For instance when using a supplement, start with 1/8-1/4 of the dose you want them at as some people won't be able to handle it. I had one person actually lick everything as their starting dose as this was all they could handle.

Use Healing Modalities To Support The Individual Organs As Needed

This is a broad subject and I don't have time to write it up currently.

Next, read "Using Binders".

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