Skin Conditions Associated With Mold Related Illness

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Many skin conditions that are identified as eczema, psoriasis, or something else, will disappear after you heal from mold related illness. Toxins can show up as skin disease, because toxins are removed through the skin, but also the toxins cause damage to the skin directly, and disrupt the normal flora of the skin. Mycotoxins also cause immune dysregulation that may affect the skin. Additionally, when the biotranformation/detox system gets derailed by mycotoxins many ailments appear that will disappear when the person heals from mold. Skin ailments are simply one of the many issues mold susceptible folks experience when  they are exposed to a water-damaged environment.

Reactions to water-damaged buildings are a common source of skin irritation to people with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome - due to water-damaged buildings (CIRS). The reactions  in a water-damaged buildilng are multi-factorial. There is the reaction to the actual toxins such as mycotoxins, and toxins released by bacteria as well as the toxins from the building materials being released. These can all cause skin reactions from contact with the toxins from actually touching contaminated materials or from those toxins being in the air.  Additionally, toxins such as mycotoxins can cause systemic reactions that ultimately affect the skin include increasing inflammatory cytokines or decreasing the immune systems reaction to yeast or bacteria that are normal inhabitants on the skin. Skin reactions and how they appear can become rather complicated and it is not well understood, however, we do see an increase in skin reactions in people who have been exposed to water-damaged buildings and it is not uncommon for opportunistic organisms who were playing nicely on the skin previously to become a source of irritation.  I have decided to share some of the skin related irritations that are less paid attention to, but may be seen in relation to water-damged building illness. Please be patient as I list them and get links written up to them all. If you feel I have ignored something, please let me know.

Bacillus oleronius - A bacteria associated with demodex spp. that is implicated in blepharitis, acne rosacea and demodicosis.

Borrelia burgdorferi - Spirochete bacteria that causes Lyme Borrelliosis. Chronic Lyme Borrelliosis may be associated with a condition called Morgellons, and there many people who seem to have issues with Lyme disease, as well as mold related illness at the same time.

Demodex spp. - This mite is considered a normal inhabitant of the skin, but has also been implicated in a variety of skin disease processes such as demodicosis, blepharitis and acne rosacea. Other skin diseases are also suspect but not proven yet. It has been shown to harbor some microbes that are released under the skin when it dies. It may also pull other microbes down under the skin with it as it enters the skin.

Malassezia - Fungus that is implicated in multiple skin diseases but little talked about.

Morgellons - The most recent research points to this illness being caused by the spirochete bacteria that causes Lyme Borreliosis, or a coinfection. This illness has some overlap with CIRS-d/t water damaged buildings (mold related illness). If you are not getting the results you expect, I suggest you check out this illness. This is a complicated disease that has been associated with various causes including microbial caused, and toxin related. I suggest you check out the research site link to the left, but look up other things. I will write up a page about it when I have time. Don't dismiss it because it seems odd to you.

Nervous System Irritation - The nervous system can cause you to feel creepy crawly things, zings, shocks etc. Environmental toxins can cause many different types of skin irritations. Toxic ingredients in dental materials (not just mercury) are one of these toxins. There are many things that can cause an irritated nervous system. Dental materials are just one common possibility. A physician named Omar Amin has researched people with Morgellons and found that they may have a nervous system reaction from toxic dental materials. He calls this "Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome and you can read more about it here:

Toxins - Many toxins can cause itchy or irritated skin. Environmental exposure or unhealthy habits are the places to look for most toxin exposure. Examples other than mycotoxins would be heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified food, toxins from parasites, fungus, and microbes, other chemicals, etc. This is a lengthy topic, but the best thing to do is avoid all toxins as much as possible and support your bodies ability to transform and eliminate toxins. To see how to support your body in this transformationals process, go to this link. See "Nervous system Irritation" above for specific data on dental material toxins.


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