Antidiuretic Hormone

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What Is Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH)

This hormone keeps you hydrated. Usually, your kidneys would move all the fluid you drink out of the body, but ADH reduces the urine output, and retains the water in the body.

The hypothalamus makes antidiuretic hormone (vasopressin) which is transported to the pituitary gland. A message from the hypothalamus will tell the pituitary to release it into the blood stream.  Antidiuretic hormone will then tell the kidneys to conserve fluid by reducing the amount of water in the urine.

In mold related illness you see people with both low ADH and high osmolality. The high osmolality is due to higher than normal electrolytes. This causes the sweat to also have more electrolytes as the body removes them in the sweat as well as urine. In the winter time this  causes the person to get static shocks a lot.  The person will report excessive static electricity  and excessive shocks. When the individual is peeing all the time, constantly thirsty, drinks a lot, but can't stay hydrated, and reports a lot of static electricity and shocks, it is time to measure both ADH and osmolality. They need to be measured at the same time to get a good picture of what is taking place. You want to look at them in relation to each other. If the ADH is in normal range, but the osmalility is really high, the ADH is too low for that osmolality. Raising it with drugs or herbs will end the shocks and stop the dehydration cycle. This is only a bandaid until they do the work necessary to heal.


What Are The Symptoms When It Is Low

A deficiency of antidiuretic hormone causes excess loss of urine and a condition called diabetes insipidus. Some people can urinate almost 8 gallons in a day. They are very thirsty and have to constantly drink to avoid dehydration.Some mold folks are low in ADH and find although they don't pee 8 gallons in a day, the pee excessively.  They report being thirsty, peeing a lot,  dry mouth, dry skin, and static shocks. Some of them notice that being in saunas, hot tubs or using diuretic food/herbs will make it worse. For the person with mold related illness, can support themselves with herbs and lifestyle methods that allow them to stay hydrated until they remove the mycotoxins from their environment and themselves, as well as heal the inflammation.  Then their body should normalize again.


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