New Edition Of Herbal Medicine From The Heart Of The Earth

Book cover Of Herbal Medicine From The Heart Of The Earth

Updated And Expanded

A new edition of Herbal Medicine From The Heart Of The Earth became available January 1st. To celebrate this 3rd edition, it is 25% off in our book store & free shipping until January 31st.

You can get all the details about this new edition on the book store product page. This includes samples of pages from the book. You can also click the book on the right to see sample pages inside the book.

More Discounts

Not only is the new edition of Herbal Medicine From The Heart Of The Earth 25% off in January, but additionally you can get Herbal ABC's, The Foundation Of Herbal Medicine for 25% off too at the same link.

Here Are A Few Details About The New Book

  • Written by the founder of Wise Woman Herbals who shares all her herbal secrets gained from 35 years of experience as a clinician, herb farmer, herbal remedy maker and lover of herbs.
  • An encyclopedia of 190 Herbs to know, use in formulas and make into healing herbal remedies or products.
  • Learn to use these herbs in herbal formulas or recipes for the most common health conditions, organized by body systems.
  • Learn which part of each herb is used, how it tastes and smells, tendencies of the herb, actions of the herb, dosage, active herbal constituents, contraindications, as well as information on interactions with drugs is included.
  • An introduction to herbal medicine product forms comparing the advantages and disadvantages of herbal tinctures, glycerites, capsules, salves, suppositories, steam inhalations, poultices, teas and many others.
  • Herbal Formulations and recipes include doses for most common ailments with explanations of why each herb is in the formula.
  • A resource to help practitioners integrate herbal therapy into their practice with clients or patients.
  • A detailed description of how to make the most common classifications of herbal products.

Changes In the 3rd Edition That Make It Better Than Ever

  • 472 pages
  • Expanded Materia Medica
  • Expanded Herbal Formulas
  • Expanded Properties and Actions of Herbs
  • Expanded Dictionary of Herbal Preparations
  • New category in the materia medica called "mechanisms of action"
  • Some herbs were removed from the materia medica and others added
  • The materia medica was completely revised bringing it into the 21st century
  • Many of the herbal formulas had slight alterations and others were replaced with new formulas, that I have found to be more useful over my 30 years of being an herbalist and physician
  • Formulas for new ailments added
  • Made the book more user friendly
  • The index was expanded and re-organized
  • 281 more research articles are referenced to support the new additions in the materia medica, for a total of 926
  • 33 more pages added to the book
  • Changed formatting to allow more data on each page, which ultimately decreased the number of extra pages and kept the price from increasing

There are two places you can purchase the book on Amazon

1. From my Amazon business listing called "Herb Book" at this link.

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2. A direct link to Amazon's product page is below if you prefer to purchase from them. (Some people do.)