Nourishing Mind Body And Soul

Nourish Mind Body And Soul

The most important thing we do for ourselves and the planet is to nourish ourselves.

The steps we take to nourish ourselves are composed of choices that also nourish those around us and the Earth. Therefore nourishing our mind, body and soul is necessary for the health of everyone.

Nourishing Our Body

Nourishing our bodies is more than simply consuming food that has the correct nutrients. Food is more than a few elements we have identifed as being necessary to sustain life. How food is produced changes the nourishment available in that food. Life enhancing food is infused with the vibrance of the sun,  the caress of the wind, life giving water, enriched with the energy of the Earth, and is imprinted with energetic patterns from everything that plant has come in contact with. A fresh, vitalized plant grown in a regenerative, organic manner, and fertilized with compost, and love is vibrant and life enriching. It is very different than a processed plant grown in an industrial manner with chemicals. One is nourishing and the other offers life with chronic disease. Additionally, for our body to be nourished we must concomitantly nourish our mind and spirit.

Nourishing Our Mind

knowledge that engages spirit and lights a fire in our soul is how we nourish our mind. We need more than memorization of details and lists of information. We need to nourish our mind with ideas that engage us, ideas that excite us. We need to exchange ideas with others, building on each others ideas, creating a synergy of ideas that feed our mind, body and soul. We need ideas that improve our lives, and brightening our future as we make those ideas a reality. The mind needs to have a relationship with the heart and soul to be fully nourished.

Nourishing Our Spirit

We nourish our spirit by investing in time each day to go inside, be quiet, contemplative, still and receptive. We nourish our spirit by going about the rest of our day experiencing gratitude for existence and acknowledging the sacred in everything. The infusion of spirit into every aspect of our lives leads to nourishment of our mind, body and soul and enriches all of existence.


There is never matter without spirit.