Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

Once in a lifetime opportunity is offered by social distancing.

Have you recognized this once in a lifetime opportunity? Many people have been told to go home and practice social distancing. This is the perfect opportunity to focus on personal healing of our own soul, as well as the collective soul of humanity.

If you are not one of the people deemed to be a social necessity, you can still support the planet, humanity and yourself in an all important manner.

We are in a period of time that is seeing an end to the operation of systems that no longer serve us. We can let go of systems that do not serve the highest good  and create new systems that do.

Every social institutution needs to be re-examined with a focus on "the highest good for all". This does not mean we are violent and take things from one person and give it to another for equality of resources. There is no need to waste our time scolding those we feel are responsible for the old system. We can simply turn away from that which does not support us and turn towards that which nourshes us in body and soul. We do this by funneling our energy into that which is good for all. This is how we will create a new society and now is the time to do this.

While you are social distancing at home, use this time to meditate/pray for guidance. Spend as much time in meditation/prayer as you can. Also spend time thinking about the skills you have, and how you could put those skills to use for the greater good of all.

Our collective consciousness is on the verge of awakening and we could catapault our way into a new age for humanity. One that will feed our souls, nourish our bodies and give us cause to awaken refreshed each morning. It is up to each of us to make this happen. We all have to do this together. It only works if everyone is included. This takes place not by force, but with love, inclusiveness and joy.

There is no facebook account for this, no social media following at all. This is a powerful energetic movement that all of us can feel gnawing at our awareness and each of us will know through meditation/prayer and contemplation what we can do to help in our own way in creation of a new humanity, a new social order that supports the highest good of all in love and acceptance of our diversity.  Get to work right now as our time has come. Each of us together will make a huge difference.


We are alone but not lonely

When we are alone

We are all-one

Within the one all exists

It is in those moments when we are alone

When we delve deep inside of our being

That all becomes evident

All that exists becomes visible

We become all that exists

We become Every-One

May you walk in beauty ♥


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