Severe COVID-19 Requires Preventative Medicine

Prevention Of COVID-19

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Conventional Medicine Recognizes Their Hope In Combatting Severe COVID-19 Reactions Requires Preventative Medicine

Mainstream medicine now realizes severe COVID-19  reactions require preventative medicine if we are to decrease occurrence of the most severe cases.  These severe cases are associated with four specific cardiometabolic conditions. Conventional medicine is now realizing severe COVID-19 seen in association with these four conditions requires preventative medicine in order to decrease the severe reactions taking place in individuals who are susceptible. This data is from a Medscape article and I include the link here, but you can only access it if you have an account at Medscape.

The Four Conditions Associated with Severe COVID-19 Reactions

  • Obesity - 30%
  • Diabetes - 21%
  • Hypertension - 26%
  • Heart failure 12%

One or more of these four risk factors are associated with 64% of the hospitalizations due to COVID-19. All of these conditions can be prevented or decreased with preventative medicine and conventional medicine practitioners are now being told that severe COVID-19 requires preventative medicine. Wow, did you hear that? This is a significant realization that has occurred in mainstream medicine!

The Silver Lining

There is always a silver lining to every sad situation, and in this case the medical community has finally (after a whole year) taken notice of the need to promote healthy lifestyle measures. They are now talking about preventing COVID-19 severity by lowering obesity and diabetes as a method to reduce severe cases of COVID-19. This is something that alternative practitioners have been stating since the very beginning as well as other suggestions that have fallen on deaf ears. In some cases practitioners have been told by the medical establishment, political figures or their licensing boards to be quiet and keep their thoughts to themselves. The fact that mainstream medicine has now become enlightened as to the need to act preventatively is music to my ears indeed.

Severe COVID-19 Requires Preventative Medicine As Do Many Disease Processes

This is only a beginning as there is so much more that holistic medicine has to offer to the general public as far as preventative measures and treatment. Many alternative practitioners have had to step back and be quiet as they have been threatened with loss of license or shunning. So, although this realization may seem small and insignificant to many, I see this as just a beginning of mainstream medicine being forced to rethink what they do and how they practice. This is a small but noteworthy step that may lead to substantial changes in conventional medicine out of necessity. Something that all of us would benefit from.


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