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Welcome To A Wealth Of Information

This website was created by Sharol Tilgner, a physician who is sharing her knowledge of natures healing tools used to restore, and maintain health. Her focus is on herbal medicine, but she uses, and shares all healing modalities from food to hydrotherapy. If you wish to know what the mission of this website is, please click here.


There is a sitemap for each major category on the website header at the top of the page. Click on the main category before looking at the list below the header, and you will usually find a sitemap for that category which is very useful.

Many Articles On This Site To Choose From

Dr. Sharol shares over 400 health related articles on this website. You have access to her favorite articles from past classes, books, ten years of blogs, and articles from her other website. Additionally, many articles are brand new. She also rewrote some of the articles transferred from her blog "dreamingabeautifulworld" and "" so they are up to date with current information.

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3-17-22 - Latest article update overviews, Free 760 page herbal kindle book "190 Herbs to Know and Use" for 4 days in April announced, Long COVID explained, Demodex mites, Candida and time to harvest Stinging Nettles.

1-9-22 - Latest article update overviews including a fun article on staying healthy in the winter, COVID-19 and spices, Omicron, and New GMO labeling.

11-29-21 -  Antiviral herbs, allergens, Parasites being used for autoimmune disease, Free Herbal Formulas kindle book  announcement and 25% holiday discount on paperback books.

11-4-21 - Latest article update includes Breathing as a tool for health, Reducing severe effects of COVID-19, Phthalate exposure, Pyrethroid insecticides, Two articles on mold, Book review on the Essential Guide to W. Botanical Medicine, Vaccinated & Unvaccinated examination of data.

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In Depth Articles

Sharol wants to give you all the details about the topic she writes about. Therefore, you will get very long articles, or links to additional related articles she has written on the subject. She also likes to update articles to keep them current. The articles on this site are for people who really want to get into the nitty-gritty of a subject and understand it from multiple views.

Easy To Find

In order to make them easier to find, they are organized under multiple headings on the menu. Many of them are set up in alphabetized lists, and some such as the "mold and toxins" section has a special site-map menu in the top bar. To see it, click on “Mold and Toxins” in the menu at the top of the page, and you will link to an easy to use site-map for that topic. Any subject that has extensive articles on a subject will be given a similar site-map. Each section of the website is set up to make it as easy for the user to find the information they desire. If you have suggestions on how to make the website more user friendly, Dr. Sharol loves feedback and her email is in the top bar of the menu.


There Is A Search Engine On Every Page

Additionally, you will find a search engine at the top of each page, located at the end of the menu top bar. It is available in the side-bar on all blog pages. This search engine allows you to search all articles for key words on the website. Please use it if you can’t find the topic you desire. There are many more articles than what you will see in the menu selection.


For Those Who Desire To Learn More About Herbs

You will find Sharol's two wonderful paperback books available in the Book Store, called Herbal ABCs, The Foundation Of Herbal Medicine, and Herbal Medicine From The Heart Of The Earth. She also has two new e-books that can be purchased through links in the book store.


Dr. Sharol's Herstory

The herstory of Sharol Tilgner in the healing profession is as a farmer, physician, herbalist and medicine maker. She is the founder and past owner of Wise Woman Herbals, founder of the NW Herb Fest, The Pacific NW Herb Fest and Wise Acres Farm as well as Wise Acres Publishing, the company that publishes her books. Dr. Sharol is not currently practicing, but is available for consultations relating to biotoxin/mold related illness on a limited basis. She also consults with the herbal industry.


Experience With Herbal Medicine

She shares her experience ranging from growing herbs, collecting them, making products out of them and using them as medicine. You receive tips from a seasoned herbalist.


Experience With Mold Related Illness And Bioxtoxins

Additionally, Dr. Sharol has devoted her time to helping, and educating people who are suffering from toxin exposure, especially from moldy, water-damaged building exposure. She is sharing information on everything from how to find mold in a building, to how to treat the building, and healing of the individual who has been exposed to such a building. She went through this herself and had to devise a way to recover.  She also supplies you with additional resources and many research abstracts.


Dr. Sharol's Personal Reasons For Sharing This Website

For Sharol Tilgner's personal/spiritual/philosophical reasons for providing this website, please go to this link with a short audio recording as well as a longer written version.

You Are The Healer exists due to the generosity of my readers.

The Crowdfunding I receive through regular patrons allows me to continue this website. “I welcome donations through my company Wise Acres LLC, of any amount in lieu of using ads from outside sources, and thank you!” Please use the Pay Pal donate button. Purchasing my paperback books from this website or e-books from Amazon is another way to support this website. Please note we are not non-profit and donations are not tax deductible.

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