Fear of the Coronavirus leads to some interesting DIY masks.

Coronavirus Fear May Decrease Your Immunity

Coronavirus Fear May Decrease Your Immunity The SARS-CoV-2 virus, that causes the illness called COVID-19 has shook up the planet and many people report experiencing fear and anxiety around the coronavirus. Fear is not a friend of our immune system. Experiencing  constant fear  and anxiety puts us into a physiological state of being that makes…

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Frustrated man with mold intoxication causing symptoms similar to dementia.

Dementia Symptoms From Mold Intoxicated Brain

Is It Brain Fog, Head Trauma, Dementia, Insanity, Or Mold Exposure? Do you, or someone you know have dementia symptoms from a mold intoxicated brain? Most practitioners do not consider mold exposure as a possible causative factor in their patients cognitive/emotional related illness causing symptoms of an intoxicated brain. Even though 1/2 the buildings in…

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