Frustrated man with mold intoxication causing symptoms similar to dementia.

Dementia Symptoms From Mold Intoxicated Brain

Is It Brain Fog, Head Trauma, Dementia, Insanity, Or Mold Exposure? Do you, or someone you know have dementia symptoms from a mold intoxicated brain? Most practitioners do not consider mold exposure as a possible causative factor in their patients cognitive/emotional related illness causing symptoms of an intoxicated brain. Even though 1/2 the buildings in…

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skin care heals chronic body inflammation

Will Skin Care Decrease Dementia

It Is Really All About Inflammation It does appear skin care may decrease dementia. Researchers set out to look at the effect of the skin in creating inflammatory cytokines, and how this affects the rest of the body. Inflammation in the skin  may be causing inflammatory disease in other areas of the body. Even though…

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