COVID-19 And Herbs For The Immune System

Immune Support During Coronavirus And COVID-19

Updated 6-18-2020 Immune support during the Coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic is important.  The same things that work for general immune support against infectious disease is still true. With this virus, you specifically want to support the respiratory system, and the lungs in particular. Keep this in mind. This data is meant for practitioners, as an…

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Fear of the Coronavirus leads to some interesting DIY masks.

Coronavirus Fear May Decrease Your Immunity

Coronavirus Fear May Decrease Your Immunity The SARS-CoV-2 virus, that causes the illness called COVID-19 has shook up the planet and many people report experiencing fear and anxiety around the coronavirus. Fear is not a friend of our immune system. Experiencing  constant fear  and anxiety puts us into a physiological state of being that makes…

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