Read Labels For Triclosan

Triclosan Is A Toxin

Triclosan Is A Toxin And Is Everywhere Triclosan  is a toxin, as well as it’s relative triclocarbon and they are everywhere. Top 10 aquatic pollutants in the United States In 58% of USA streams in one study 75% of the USA population has triclosan in measurable amounts in their urine In over 2000 consumer products.…

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Get Your Child Tested For Glyphosate In Study

Would you like to know if your children have glyphosate in their body? Join the study currently underway, and test your kid for glyphosate, the most widely used weed killing chemical on farms, lawns, schoolyards and golf courses. They study needs more test subjects in the age ranges of 2-18 years. In order to help…

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