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Ten Basic Facts You Should Know About Mold Illness

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Ten Pertinent Facts


Fact One

Mold illness or "CIRS" is caused by more than mold. A water-damaged building contains many biotoxins and other toxins that individuals may react to.

Fact Two

Some people may have a genetic susceptibility or other susceptibilities to "mold illness" and may not heal by simply removing themselves from the moldy environment.

Fact Three

The symptoms are many and changeable.

Fact Four

Doctors are not trained to recognize mold illness and often will misdiagnose a person with it.

Fact Five

You will probably have to take charge of your health care yourself until more people recognize this illness.

Fact Six

If you are in a current or past water-damaged building and have a chronic unrelenting illness, consider mold illness as a causative factor.

Fact Seven

For someone with mold illness, recovery starts with removing themselves from exposure, but needs to include methods to remove, or alter the toxins their body is unable to adequately remove on its own. This includes use of binders and supporting the biotransformation system of the body.

Fact Eight

The person may also need to use methods to decrease inflammation that may continue after the toxins are removed.

Fact Nine

Some people are in a heightened state of arousal and very reactive. They may need to de-stress and retrain their body to feel safe again.

Fact Ten

There is no one way for everyone. We are all different. There is however a pathway for each of us and there are other people who are also going through this.

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