Testing For Glyphosate

Glyphosate spraying

Testing For Glyphosate In A New Study

Most of us have glyphosate in our bodies and some people have a lot more than others. Testing for glyphosate is easy with an at home urine test. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) used such a test and found in their newly released study that 80% of Americans and 87% of children have glyphosate in their urine. This is something that many of us have assumed for some time. With glyphosate in our water, soil, food and air, it is hard to avoid completely. Eating organic helps a lot, but we can't avoid it entirely. People who don't eat organic have been found in the past to have a lot more glyphosate in their body.

Americans Have High Levels Of Glyphosate In Their Bodies

Americans have been shown to have 1.75 mg per kilogram of body weight. There is greater likelihood of chronic illness in people with these levels compared to Europeans who have only 0.38 mg/kg.  They have been protected more from glyphosate as they have laws decreasing use of glyphosate in Europe and decreasing the import of genetically modified food.

Where Glyphosate is Coming From

Non-organic farmers spray billions of gallons of herbicides on their farms. A common one is Roundup ® which has glyphosate as the active ingredient.  Many genetically modified foods have been  modified to be able to withstand large amounts of glyphosate, or other types of herbicides without killing the modified plant. This makes these genetically modified crops highly sprayed. Other foods which are not genetically modified to withstand glyphosate are in some cases sprayed immediately before harvest. Grains are one of these foods that may be sprayed prior to harvest in order to kill the plant and make it easier to harvest that grain.

Cities often use herbicides to kill weeds in parks, schools and other public properties while counties use them to kill weeds along highways.

Many homeowners remove weeds from their yards by spraying herbicides. Roundup® is a popular choice amongst homeowners.

Glyphosate became popular as it kills both monocots (think grasses) and dicots (think most of our garden plants), giving a clean kill of everything. It is often used on farms prior to planting, or used on crops that are genetically modified (called Roundup® Ready) in such a way that the crop does not die when sprayed with the glyphosate product registered as "Roundup®", making it possible to spray the field of food at any time, as many times as needed, killing the weeds around the plant, but not the food being grown. Additionally, the company that originated this product as an herbicide, told us that it did not accumulate in the soil and that it was safe to use. We now know this is not true, but many people originally believed this when the products was advertised as safe and non-accumulative. It lead to the use of five billion pounds of glyphosate worldwide and is why we find it all over the planet now.

Genetically engineered herbicide-tolerant crops now account for about 56 % of global glyphosate use. There are no other herbicides known to have such widespread use.

Environmental Toxins and Chronic Illness

Many of us believe environmental toxins are at the crux of chronic illness. They block our ability to get well from normal illness by adding to the load our body has to deal with, but they are also may be the primary cause of many chronic diseases. Certainly, many research studies are pointing in this direction.

I have written quite a few articles on glyphosate and it's association with a variety of ill health effects in the past and suggest you read through them. I list them below.

Glyphosate Is Correlated With The Following Illness

  • Cancer, including non-Hodgkin lymphoma, kidney tubule carcinoma, pancreatic islet-cell adenoma, liver, cancer, thyroid cancer, bladder cancer myeloid leukemia, and skin tumors.
  • Intestinal microbiome is disrupted causing dysbiosis
  • Glyphosate accumulates in the bones and can be found in the liver, kidney, muscle and spleen.
  • Renal tubular nephropathy
  • Autism
  • Parkinson's
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Hypertension
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Lipoprotein metabolism disorder
  • Alzheimer's
  • Senile dementia
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Intestinal infections
  • End stage renal disease
  • Acute kidney failure

Testing For Glyphosate In The Urine Is Easy

I use a lab called Great Plains Laboratory.

Physicians can order this test for their clients and it appears some practitioners list this on their website for non clients to order.

I see it is being sold through  "My Labs For Life".

More Information On Glyphosate Can Be Found Here

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Sadly, it has taken us a long time for society to begin to realize just how toxic glyphosate is. I posted a review of a  research article back in 2012 that was an impeccable study showing the dangers of GMOs and Roundup® tolerant crops. This research was defamed by Monsanto in order to keep people from believing it, and therefore most people ignored it it at the time.

Additionally, read Samsel and Seneff's Review Articles on Glyphosate.

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