Vaccinated Spread COVID-19 Too

COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccinated Individuals Spread the COVID-19 Delta Variant Too

∞ I have recently heard leaders of our country and people in the media state that vaccinated people can’t get COVID-19 or spread COVID-19. Science has shown differently. The fact is that the vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 do not stop transmission of the virus. The latest research at The Imperial College of London makes it clear how easily the Delta SARS CoV-2 virus can be spread from household members who are vaccinated, but ill with COVID-19,  and that they can spread it to other members of the house, including those that are fully vaccinated.


What We Already Knew

  • Vaccination can decrease severity and help prevent death, but the vaccine effectiveness against infection is reduced for the Delta variant.
  • Viral loads are comparable between the vaccinated and those who are unvaccinated when the individual is infected with the Delta variant
  • It had been previously shown in A Vietnamese study of hospital staff workers who were fully vaccinated that they had transmitted the Delta variant between fully vaccinated workers and their peak viral loads were  251 times higher than those in cases infected with the original SARS-CoV-2 strain.
  • The majority of SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted in households, however transmission from one fully vaccinated individual to another had been thought not to take place until this study.

Study Found That Vaccinated Individuals Spread COVID-19  And Similar To The Unvaccinated

  • The Delta variant is easily transmitted from vaccinated people to their household contacts.
  • The peak upper respiratory viral load in the vaccinated population was similar to that in the unvaccinated
  • The peak viral load increased slightly with age.
  • The vaccinated had more rapid viral decline and are therefore thought to probably be infectious for a slightly shorter period of time
  • 25% of the vaccinated members of the household were infected in the study by another vaccinated member of the household.
  • 38% of the unvaccinated members of the household were infected.
  • Vaccination gave household members a 13% less chance of getting infected than if they were unvaccinated.
  • Those vaccinated individuals who had their 2nd shots 2-3 months prior showed increased infection rates compared to those with a more recent 2nd vaccination.
  • The vaccinated cleared the infections more quickly.



The Delta variant can be transmitted from both unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals.

Although vaccines can decrease the amount of severe disease and deaths due to COVID-19, the researchers state that these findings suggest vaccination is not able to prevent transmission of the Delta variant in household settings where we experience the greatest exposure.

Fully vaccinated individuals in a household with another fully vaccinated individual who has COVID-19 can be infected by the vaccinated person although they do have some protection by being vaccinated as this study showed a 13% less chance of getting infected than if they were unvaccinated.

It appears from most of the data coming out around the world that the vaccines do not last long, and that those who are vaccinated should assume they are only partially protecte,d and they also should be aware that they can transmit the virus as readily as an unvaccinated person. It appears those who were fully vaccinated within the last 2-3 months are less likely to be infected than those who had been vaccinated longer than 2-3 months.

Too many individuals who are vaccinated have a false sense of protection from the Delta variant, and the false idea that they can not transmit the virus to their loved ones or others in society. What indivdiuals think vaccination will accomplish, and what it has really been shown to accomplish are different, and we need to discuss this, so people don't have a false sense of protection and that they realized everyone who is infected with COVID-19 has the potential to be a spreader.

For information on how well natural immunity protects against the Delta variant check out this link.


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