You Are The Healer Website Advertising Policies

You will notice that we do not have display ads on our website except for books written by Dr. Sharol. This has been on purpose.

She writes articles on many different health related subjects, and often people ask for suggestions on purchasing herbs, or which supplement brands they should use. She tries to stay away from recommendations except when she finds a particular product is much better than others.

We do realize that there are better and worse brands available on the market, and Dr. Sharol has had a lot of requests to share the products she uses. Therefore, she has started to include links to Amazon products in some cases.  We do realize that most of her articles do not contain product suggestions and that some people are at a loss as to which products are quality supplements. If you are having trouble finding products that you can trust, contact us and we will attempt to assist you.

Amazon Links

You will notice some ad links to Amazon for books, or for implements that are used in relation to cleaning water-damaged homes. These are items that Dr. Sharol has purchased herself in the past or she has had clients happy with their purchases of these products, and she shares a direct link to the product  page or a link to the company selling the product. Some of these that are linked to Amazon will result in a small share of the sale on qualifying purchases.

You Are The Healer website has some specific pages where Dr. Sharol suggests health related books. These are mostly linked to Amazon, but we do suggest purchasing direct from the author if they sell their own books. It is too cumbersome for us to get direct links to all of the authors websites and many authors do not sell their own books. Amazon is very proficient at providing such links, they are reliable and many of you will use them to purchase your books any way. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases through these links. Any time you use a link to Amazon with a photo of one of their books/products  on, we may get a small share of the sale from Amazon when you make a purchase. If you are going to buy it from Amazon any way, why not support our website also.

If you have questions or comments about You Are The Healer website advertising policies, please contact use here.