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This book was birthed from a wonderful class I have taught in the past. Now, the class is in book format and available to you whenever you have a question about using herbs for yourself, or for your clients. It is always preferable to get an herbal education from a local herbalist, but this book is the back up to that class, and it allows you to look things up over, and over again when you are unsure of your next move, or have no idea what you should do. I hope this book will give you the answers to your herbal questions for years to come...Sharol ♥

One copy of Herbal ABC's Book is $29.95, which includes free shipping in the U.S.A. Discounts are available for multiple copies.
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What respected herbal experts have to say about this new and exciting book.

“Dr. Tilgner has a real knack for taking dry, scientific data, turning it into a fascinating read, then bringing it down to earth with practical applications, cases and traditional wisdom.~Deborah Frances R.N., N.D. ~ author of “Practical Wisdom in Natural Healing”

“Herbal ABC’s is a new kind of Herbal for the 21st Century. It is four books in one covering pathophysiology, an herbal materia medica, a scientific herbal and a textbook on the science of nutrition and lifestyle. The book will be equally valuable for students of the younger generation, as for those already continuing to practice, study, and learn in our field.” ~ Paul Bergner, North American Institute of Medical Herbalism

“Dr. Tilgner, one of America’s best-known herbalists and naturopaths, has written a book filled with accurate, usable information that is infused with the wisdom of a true physician. This should not only be on every herbalists bookshelves, but all interested in competent herbal medicine.” ~David Hoffmann FNIMH ~ author of “Medical Herbalism” & “The Holistic Herbal”

“I enthusiastically recommend Sharol Tilgner’s books as a standard for Western Naturopathic herbal medicine. In this her latest, she succinctly teaches how herbs are prescribed according to bio-physiological indications.” ~Dr. Michael Tierra ~ East West School of Planetary Herbology

You Get The Basics In Great Detail, At The Level Of A Practitioner -

Great For The Herbalist Or Wannabe Herbalist

This book covers the basic knowledge of herbal medicine in the same style that Dr. Sharol has taught her students. The book discusses herbal actions of plants categorized by organ systems. You learn about the traditions of our ancestors, examined along with today's new discoveries, supported with over 1200 scientific citations. This well organized book is punctuated by clinical pearls and words of wisdom.

Making herbal formulas becomes easier as Dr. Sharol provides herbal formulary idea boxes throughout the chapters to give you suggestions of herbs you could consider when making herbal formulas.

Each chapter goes over some basic organ physiology pertinent to that chapter, with up-to-date scientific data.

1 Herbal ABC's Book is $29.95, which includes free shipping in the U.S.A.

Sold in the United States only. See the Amazon link if you are out side of the United States.

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More Details & Reviews on This Book

Title: Herbal ABC's The Foundation of Herbal Medicine

Edition: 1st

ISBN: 978-1881517-04-7

Pages: 440, 7.25 inches wide x 9.25 inches high

Price: $29.95

Publication date: May 1st, 2018

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  • Learn the foundational building blocks of herbal medicine.
  • You will learn the actions and applications that western herbal medicine is based on.
  • Herbal ABCs is organized by body systems with introductory physiology for each organ system.
  • It has up-to-date information on uses, dosages, contraindications of the most commonly used herbs.
  • The focus is on traditional wisdom with clinical cases and over 1200 scientific citations, making this a well rounded book.
  • The writer is a physician, herbalist of 35 years, founder and past owner of Wise Woman Herbals, has owned and operated herb farms, and has organized national herbal events. This writer knows every aspect of herbal medicine including growing, harvesting, preserving and using these wonderful plants as healing agents.
  • Each chapter focuses on a specific body system, and the properties and actions of herbs that are most often used in that body system will be emphasized in that chapter.

* There are a number of formula idea boxes. They are useful when you are making an herbal formula, and you need an herb with a specific action, but also want the herb you choose to have secondary actions that are needed in the formula.

  • The greatest value of Herbal ABC's The Foundation of Herbal Medicine is that it will become a trusted reference book. It will quickly become one of your most trusted herbal sources of information.
  • This book is a complete handbook for the herbal practitioner. Paul Bergner said it succinctly when he wrote, “ This book is broad enough in scope that it contains within it enough material for four books.”


Review #1 by Paul Bergner, North American Institute of Medical Herbalism

We can’t pigeonhole Herbal ABCs in one camp of herbalism or another. It is equally a traditional herbal, a clinical herbal, a scientific herbal, and a general reference for the application of herbal medicines. It is structured chapter-wise on traditional herbal actions and applications, an arrangement most useful for actually using the plants. In each category, Tilgner has selected a handful of the most important “clinical pearl” remedies from her long practice. The chapters are punctuated with case studies, stories, and anecdotes from her clinical experience, and also with her intuitive insights. Most remarkable is Tilgner’s exploration of the scientific research into the fields of pathophysiology and plant constituent science. She takes the “scientific herbal” to an unprecedented new level in her exploration of specialized literature, presenting it with a high level of functional scientific literacy. I have literally been waiting for decades to see an herbal describing animal trials which then states “Of course we have to be careful about extrapolating animal research to human application . . .” and we see this and similar functionally literate interpretations as the norm in her presentations of scientific material. Like her Herbal Medicine, which is three books-in-one (materia medica, formulary, and medicine making handbook) this book contains elements of books on four different topics, each done in depth, but synthesized into a single reference book.  It is a pathophysiology book, exploring in-depth topics such as liver detoxification, cytokines, or lymphoid tissue, for each of its major sections, and taking the most contemporary science into account. In this regard it offers material in a depth that is not available in other contemporary herbal books. It goes in similar depth into the science on constituent categories such as demulcents, tannins, immunomodulators, phytoestrogens, nootropics, and others. Blended into this is a textbook on the science of nutrition and lifestyle. We don’t just learn the liver detoxification pathways and how plants may affect them, but we also see the nutrients necessary for their proper function. We see how stress, sleep debt, and other factors affect the physiology.  And finally as its title implies, it is a reference book on herbal materia medica, covering the chief clinical actions of more than 245 herbs, with more than 100 of these featured for more in-depth coverage.

Ultimately, I see Herbal ABCs The Foundation of Herbal Medicine, as a new kind of Herbal for the 21st Century.  In North America since the 1980s, we have evolved a community of elder herbalists,  who, like Sharol Tilgner, have acquired a multifaceted mastery over decades of applied work in the different skill sets of herbalism: clinical practice, medicine making, reading of science, or study of older medical texts or systems. Herbal ABCs is perhaps the first fruit of this new and multifaceted and integrated mastery in North American herbalism. The book will be equally valuable for students of the younger generation, as for those already continuing to practice, study, and learn in our field.


Review #2 by Lori Roop of Vital Roots

When I attended The Rocky Mountain School of Botanical Studies in the early eightys, we used Sharol Tilgner’s Herbal Medicine from the Heart of the Earth, 1st edition, as our textbook.  What a treasure!  It was a goldmine of information for us as beginning herb students. It has also served me well throughout the years as an herbal reference book that I have gone back to time and time again. My copy is so dog-eared and well-loved that I’ve even had to tape some of the pages back in!
So, when I sat down to read Sharol’s latest book, Herbal ABCs: The Foundation of Herbal Medicine, I honestly thought it would be geared solely toward beginning herb students. I didn’t think it would contain very much information I didn’t already know. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong! The information contained within is outstanding for even seasoned herbalists and is absolutely a must-have introductory text for beginning herbal students. Sharol’s book is chock-full of in-depth and well-written herbal and physiology information that can keep advanced students interested but is written in a way that even beginners can understand.  Not an easy feat to pull off, but Sharol does it with aplomb!
Sharol also weaves in information about biotoxin/environmental illness.  This is a new idea to both the herbal world and modern medicine alike and is also what most of my clients suffer from. Many people, including herbalists, have remained sick before their biotoxin illness was addressed. The information Sharol integrates on this topic is vitally important to help sufferers understand their illness, find treatment, and regain their lives.
In short, no matter your level of expertise in herbal medicine, Herbal ABCs: The Foundation of Herbal Medicine is sure to become a well-thumbed, essential volume in your herbal library.


Review #3 by Kaycie Rosen Grigel ND at Natural Medicine Journal

This is a lengthy, well thought out review which you can read in it's entirely at the above link. It includes:

  • What the book is
  • How it is structured
  • Who it is written for
  • What it is not


Review #4 by Juliette Abigail Carr, Registered Herbalist (AHG), RNC,  Old Ways Herbal School of Plant Medicine & Clinic

Dr. Sharol Marie Tilgner’s Herbal ABC’s: the Foundation of Herbal Medicine was an absolute treat to read. Her tone is refreshingly humble for such an influential author, offering a vast body of experience without the pomp and circumstance that often accompanies a work this anticipated. Her previous book, Herbal Medicine From the Heart of the Earth, is widely accepted as one of the most importance fundamental herbals of our generation—and was the very first herbal I owned, so my glee at this new contribution was 1 part excitement to 2 parts anticipation (with a dropper of nostalgia to top off the bottle).

Unsurprisingly, Dr. Tilgner’s newest work continues her legacy of eloquence and clarity in exploring plant medicine. However, it is the addition of a thoroughly approachable presentation of holistic physiology that really places this book above the fray. Herbal ABC’s’ coherent organization by body system makes a very complex subject matter useful for novices and advanced students of herbalism alike, as herbs are grouped by herbal action within each body system chapter. One can easily cross-reference individual herbs with the relevant system physiology and appropriate herbal actions to understand the “hows” and “whys” of working with medicinal herbs more fully. Dr. Tilgner provides full Materia Medica on highlighted plants, as well as in-depth lists for each herbal action. Additionally, each chapter includes formula ideas across body systems, reinforcing the point that everything is connected.

Dr. Tilgner’s presentation is approachable, eminently useful, thoroughly researched, and brimming with love and respect for both the plants and the reader. I’m thrilled at this addition to my bookshelf, and will be recommending it to future students.


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